Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam is anyone’s dream, but there is so much to see and do that we will help make your trip perfect.

Traveling to Vietnam is definitely in vogue. The country has earned itself the top spot of the most visited in Southeast Asia. No wonder, there is a lot to see in Vietnam, and that is already an open secret. From endless rice paddies to paradisiacal beaches, past one of the best landscape in the world, Ha-Long Bay, a trip to Vietnam promises millions of emotions. Also, prepare your palate well and train the handling of chopsticks because the Vietnamese cuisine is, without discussion, one of the richest and most varied in the region.

Keep reading and then select what to see in Vietnam with the clues we give you below:-

1. Hanoi – It is among the Top 10 Locations in Vietnam

Almost any trip to Vietnam usually starts with its capital, Hanoi. However, you should not consider it as a simple place of passage. Hanoi is one of the corners to see in Vietnam thoroughly. It may seem at first to be a chaotic city because of its unstoppable motorcycle traffic, but you will soon realize that everything is designed in perfect, orderly chaos. The streets of central Hanoi are arranged according to trades. Thus, you will find complete ways dedicated to household items, decoration, food and even tombstones! If your head is still spinning, do not forget to take a walk around the Hoàn Kiếm Lake, something that should be on all routes in Vietnam. It also includes the Temple of Literature, the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh and the curious Cathedral of St. Joseph of Hanoi to get an idea of ​​how interesting the city is.

2. Nha Trang – One of the top diving locations in vietnam

A trip to Vietnam without knowing a little about its coast would not be complete. Head to Nha Trang if you need a sun and sea and enjoy beaches like Doc Let, Bai Dai or Bai Duong while refreshing yourself with coconut water. Be sure to explore the surrounding area and discover places such as the Yang Bay or Ban Ho Waterfalls. You can also take a relaxing bath in the hot springs at Thap Ba. Also, if you are a snorkeling addict or just like to snorkel, we recommend that you prepare your equipment since one of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam is to observe the marine life and Nha Trang is the most important diving center from the country.

3. Ha-Long Bay – It is a must see attractions in Vietnam

We warn you: the jaw is going to disengage you as soon as you see Ha-Long Bay. If you are traveling to Vietnam and do not visit this wonder of the world, it is that you have not been in the country! So get your flight to Hanoi or Haiphong, travel the miles that separate the city from the port and embark on some of the sailboats that sail the sea that surrounds these almost 1600 islands and islets of surreal shapes. The landscape becomes overwhelming, and you will also have the option not only to contemplate it from the deck but to feel it, since the trip by the bay usually includes activities of the kayak, trekking, and visits to caves. Incidentally, it is advisable to consult in advance the agencies that organize these types of boat tours and review what is included in the excursion, as well as the opinions of other travelers.

4. Sa Pa – The Top Backpacker places in Vietnam

Include on your list of things to see in Vietnam the impressive rice paddies of Sa Pa. This region is located in the northwest of the country, at 1500 meters altitude and is known not only for its rice terraces of intense green that you will never forget But also for its cultural diversity. If you travel to Vietnam for free, you should know that in Sa Pa there are many ethnic minorities and one of the most interesting options to discover this corner is to hire the services of some of the women who offer to guide travelers. Also, you will have opportunities to stay in one of their homes and learn a little more about their culture. The most convenient option to reach Sa Pa from Hanoi is the night train. Some of the railroad classes offer beds worthy of a good hotel.

5. Hoi An, The Most Beautiful Places in Vietnam to Visit

The small Hôi An is possibly one of the most beautiful cities to see in Vietnam. With more than 2000 years of history and counting on being the main port of the kingdom Cham, it is not surprising that its historic center is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. In Hoi An you will find delightful buildings and bridges over the Thu Bon River that you can discover on foot, as the city is a comfortable size for walking. Among its attractions are the Japanese Covered Bridge, the temple of Quan Cong and, above all, the old houses. Some of the most interesting are those of Phung Hung, Quan Thang, and Tan Ky. Also, you should try to match your trip to Vietnam with the festival of the Lanterns in Full Moon. On the night of every fourteenth day of the lunar month, all the electric lights of Hoi An are extinguished and give way to those of the lanterns that illuminate the temples, houses and the river. It is a magical moment that we recommend living. The most convenient way to get to Hoi An is to fly to Dalat and from there take a taxi or a bus.

6. Find best Vietnam food in ho Chi Minh City

The Vietnamese cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse in Southeast Asia, so if you are going to travel to Vietnam, you should forget about diet and taste it in depth. In the whole country, you can eat very well and very cheap, but it is in Ho Chi Minh where you should explore it a little more and give you some gastronomic tribute in one of its best restaurants. In ancient Saigon, you are given a twist to traditional Vietnamese food to create creative cuisine dishes. Exquisite choices are the Restaurant Niêu Sài Gòn or The Saigon Deck, which also offer views of a city in which it is worth spending a few days. By the way, do not even think about finishing a trip to Vietnam without trying thePhở, the country’s most famous and delicious noodles soup.

7. Phu Quoc – Phu Quoc island vietnam diving

You probably do not know that there are also paradisiacal islands in Vietnam, but remember to put some of them on your Vietnam route because they will conquer you. Phú Quôc is the best-known island thanks to its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, many compare it to Phuket when it had not yet undergone massive tourism invasion. We recommend you spend at least a few days of your trip to Vietnam on a motorcycle the 40 kilometers that measure from north to south to discover beaches like Sao Beach or the waterfalls of Suoi Tranh. To make the most of your days in Phú Quôc, negotiate some snorkeling excursions By the surrounding reefs, you will love it!

8. Explore the Mekong Delta from Can Tho

The Mekong River is one of the largest in the world. It is born in China and flows into the sea from Vietnam, where it forms an immense delta worth exploring. So, if you are thinking of traveling to Vietnam, we advise spending at least a couple of days in Can Tho and surroundings. From there you can explore the incredible floating markets on the Mekong and get a taste of the Vietnamese way of life in such a special environment. It is very easy to reach Cần Thơ by bus or taxi from Ho Chi Minh or by plane.

9. Investigates the interior of Vietnam in the Da Lat area

In colonial times, Da Lat was the retreat of the French thanks to its cool temperature and a landscape more similar to that of the Alps than Vietnam. Now, this city is included in many Vietnam tours of those who want to enjoy something different and rest a bit from the hustle and bustle of other corners. In Dà Lat you can appreciate even more that French legacy that is still present in Vietnam and, above all, enjoy the opportunities to practice sports such as mountain biking, hiking or canyoning. We recommend you do not miss the Elephant Falls tour; they are awesome!

10. Ninh Binh’s – Most beautiful landscape in vietnam

Finally, we advise you to include in your trip to Vietnam a place in the northwest of the country known for its incredible landscapes. In Ninh Binh you will enjoy pictures that seem unreal, you can explore caves, walk through virgin jungles and practice sports like climbing. You can reach Ninh Binh by bus or train from Hanoi, but do not forget to head to Tam Coc to get one of the most spectacular views of Vietnam. There you can discover floating markets aboard a canoe, take a bike ride and admire the Bich Dong Pagoda and Tai Vi Temple.

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