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Calibrating your computer’s battery for best performance

In some cases you might want to pay attention to the annoying warning that asks you to do it, but in others maybe not

It probably never occurred to you that it was necessary to calibrate the battery of your computer. Yes, you knew you had to charge it, disconnect the charger from the power at unnecessary moments and not expose it to endless hours of charging. But calibrating it never crossed your mind.

For some time now certain brands began to include warnings that, when the user spent too much time using his device, were in charge of drawing their attention to the need for a battery check. Keep it connected too long, let it finish and reload it without turning off the computer, and other actions began to be accompanied by this notice that for some users could be considered annoying.

However, this warning allows the introduction of doubt about the need for this procedure. The device does not force the user to perform the process, therefore Is it really necessary to do so? Or would it only be positive but can not cause any problem to disregard it?

The urgency to carry out the calibration process only comes with computers with more than one year of use, due to the technological advances that have made it possible to create more resistant batteries. But if the advice comes to your screen before that year of use is perfectly completed you should evaluate the possibility of listening to it.

Composed mostly of lithium ions, the batteries that are currently used in laptops are exposed to slow and progressive deterioration processes that cause their chemical components to lose energy storage capacity over time and with use. The problem, however, is not in the very composition of the batteries but in how they communicate with the operating system of the computer to report on the state of charge. With the passage of time, these communications begin to fail, and the information that circulates from one sector to another becomes false.
Calibrating the battery is not intended to repair this item when it is damaged, nor does it recover it if it already brings years of deterioration.

What this process does is precisely correct those communication faults and make the operating system receive accurate information about the state of charge of the battery. Therefore, it is not a definitive solution but useful if you want to have a computer running at 100% capacity.

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