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Best password manager apps for Android mobile, iPhone and iPad

Download these free applications to manage the passwords of your accounts and protect your personal data on the Web.

The plurality of personal data that flow through the Web, leads to the generation of different passwords with which we must deal every day if we want to maintain the privacy and security of our information . In order to make this task easier, make sure you remember all your passwords and protect your data on the Web, we offer a list of free apps to manage passwords . Use them and ensure that your information is not violated.

1. Keeper

Administrator Tool password that manages your username, bank accounts, card numbers and other personal information that is on the Web. Save photos, videos and files privately on your mobile.

2. Keychain

It stores data securely as it has master keys to examine the information when you require it.

3. Blur

Now you can create a different password for each account thanks to Blur technology designed to remind you of each variant you use.

4.  Password Safe

It has a widget to generate passwords that facilitates the copying of the same when they are in the clipboard and you want to recover them.

5. 1Password

Its attractive interface is part of an effort to achieve an application of simple use with a good level of efficiency in the synchronization of passwords of your different devices.

6. Dashlane

It has a payment vault to add the data of your cards, bank accounts or electronic systems like PayPal.

7. Riddler

It uses mechanisms of encryption that allows to elaborate fiches for each created password.

8. PasswordBox

Save, retrieve and share your data on the Web securely. With the free version you can manage up to 25 passwords.

9.  LastPass

Create passwords with high security and private notes to save confidential information that only you can access from your mobile.

10. Password Manager

Protect your account data stored in different personalized categories so that you include other information that you want to keep confidential.

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