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Professions that will be reinforced with the advancement of technology

Journalists, lawyers, opticians, philosophers and bartenders can rest easy, as these professions will not be affected by the advancement of technology. Why?

Technology is changing virtually the whole of society, from the way we relate to how we consume products and services. Therefore, it is normal for some professions to be affected in the process, even disappearing. This is the case, for example, of travel agents, tour guides or street sweepers. However, there are some professions that will be strengthened with the advancement of technology.

We are speaking, of course, of STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). These professionals have more than assured work, in addition to having very competent salaries.

Oddly enough, there are five other professions that, although many people do not believe it, are booming. We refer to journalists, lawyers, opticians, philosophers, and waiters:


The journalists, the professionals, most valued in Spain, we can rest easy about our future work. Why? Technology has been a challenge for this profession, as social networks have created a new “citizen journalism” that, in the wrong hands, is plaguing the network of bullies and false news. The trend tells us that the media will once again have the importance of yesteryear, losing little by little force the information of pages and blogs of dubious origin.

Artificial Intelligence works every day to create a personalized content that improves the reader’s experience. In spite of this, the technology still needs us to write the news, find reliable information and manage the media. New professions like Community Manager or Social Media Manager are presented as the best option for these workers.


The advancement of technology, unfortunately, is not making better people. On the contrary, as societies “develop,” cases of violence, robbery, corruption, etc. are more noticeable. Also, cyber attacks are the order of the day, so we continue to need people to protect us and defend us against injustice.

It seems that the machines, at least for now, will not be able to perform this task, so we will continue to need the figure of the lawyer. Of course, it would be convenient for these professionals to take refresher courses and prepare for the changes. Although they are likely to continue to record the same crimes as before, they will increase with the advancement of technology. From now on, complaints about the protection of privacy from the use of drones, from identity theft or accusations of cyberbullying will become more common.

Optician and Optometrist

These professionals take care of our eyes, a part of the body that suffers greatly by the use of technology. Did not your mother tell you that you did not get too close to the television? That phrase today does not make sense, since most of us work with a computer, in addition to spending free time playing with the tablet or Smartphone. As technology advances, our eyes will suffer more and more, so it is important for these professionals to educate and prevent eye injuries.

Also, opticians and optometrists can work on augmented reality displays or multifocal lenses that allow for a renewed view of the world.


It may seem hard to believe, but Philosophy is a booming career. Who was going to say it! The truth is that these professionals are the fundamental piece of Artificial Intelligence, and without them, almost no technological breakthrough would be possible. Why? Engineers and mathematicians are the people in charge of creating and developing robots and machinery, which will later be programmed by computer scientists. But who tells a machine what is right and what is wrong? Who teaches them ethical and moral values? Who, in short, explains the human reasoning? The philosophers.


Possibly within a couple of decades, the situation of these professionals change, but for now, the waiters are assured of their work. Although there are many restaurants and bars that are establishing the possibility of self-service, in countries like Spain the figure of the waiter is quite important. In addition to serving you food or refreshment, these professionals are authentic psychologists for lonely consumers. The machines, for now, are not capable of following such long conversations.
In China, it has already been tested to use robot-waiters, although the results have not been what the entrepreneurs expected. These automatons did not understand many of the customer’s issues, they often break down and shed some food, such as soups or purees.

You know, do not get depressed if you are unemployed or in the last year of the race. Society, sooner or later, will end up rescuing you. Meanwhile, do not waste time and start to recycle!

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