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News Trends in User Experience Design in 2017

To ensure that users' needs are met, UX designers must pay attention to their demands, considering the trends applied in the most used apps.

The Designers User Experience must ensure that applications and web services are accessible to its users, but also consider that they should feel safe and see their service as attractive. To do this, they must consider a wide variety of elements that allow generating that engagement.

The applications or web services that do not achieve this fidelity will be doomed to failure, reason why the UX Designers usually stay abreast of the latest news and tendencies always analyzing its competition to stay at the forefront. Therefore, in this note, we want to review the most outstanding trends for 2017 regarding User Experience.

– Chatbots

Users need 24-hour care seven days a week, which is a real challenge for businesses. The most efficient output they have found in these cases are chatbots, which allow to store and organize large amounts of information and at the same time generate in the users the image of which are always taken care of by the company.

– Smart Transitions

When you click on a certain action, the user expects a quick response, which ensures intelligent transitions. This leads the user to feel satisfied and comfortable with the design of the service, thus ensuring their fidelity to the product.

– Anticipation

The user wants to know him, to offer him what he likes but without having to say it over and over again or look for it on websites that do not guarantee a simple path. Therefore, anticipating the needs of these will be vital this 2017. For this, the UX Designers must analyze their previous behaviors and process that information to ensure that they know exactly what their users are looking for and provide.

– Age Responsive Design

Prioritizing content based on the age of the user and the kind of features they are looking for is of great importance to prevent the user from feeling that product is not for him.

– Friendly content with different platforms

Is there anything more annoying than entering from the mobile to a website and see that it is not adapted? The mobile-friendly designs, as well as responsive content, will be the stars of this year regarding UX design.

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