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Business Intelligence and Big Data: Concepts of the Future

To optimize the decision-making process and reduce response times, you have to manage these essential concepts for the future.

A large amount of data is daily generated, so tools are needed to analyze and process them correctly and thus transform them into useful information. Different companies from all over the world value the knowledge in these disciplines, so learning to manage them will be a great strategy to secure a job in the future.

Big Data

The concept of Big Data or Mass Data has recently gained notoriety … What is it and why has it become so important?

It is probably because of the progress these techniques involve in processing large amounts of data, which would otherwise be tedious to load into databases and then analyze them. In general, we can say that this concept applies to all kinds of information that could not be processed using traditional tools, or whose processing would take too long.

Every second about 40,000 new searches of Google or 3.5 million searches are made on daily basis. These processes allow the generation of information about each user, which must be analyzed and processed correctly by professionals capable of mastering a wide variety of data and then reaching certain objectives. Those responsible for this task are known as the Data Scientists.

Business Intelligence

We call business intelligence or business intelligence the ability to transform disorganized data into structured information based on obtaining certain results. Its main function is to convert this data into useful knowledge to optimize the different decision-making processes of a company or organization and improve response times both inside and outside the company.

Based on the data generated by this set of methodologies, applications and technologies of Big Data can be developed strategies that include all available information and simplify using different techniques.

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