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Never delete these files in Windows

We usually delete files from your computer to free up space for new programs, applications, documents, images, videos or templates. However, it is important to recognize which of them are indispensable for the operation of the equipment so that you do not make a mistake. Paying attention is of paramount importance to avoid confusion between temporary files and those that build the basis of the system.


The Golden rule in all computer equipment: never delete the program files because you will need to bring the computer to the service to have them returned to their place. They are responsible for storing a program or application on the computer, creating directories, routes and other elements that ensure the correct operation of the equipment. They are found in C: Program Files and their preservation is key.

System Volume Information

Saves the relevant data regarding system restore points, in other words they are Windows file backups. Its size varies depending especially on how big the disk, activating the monitoring and restoration of the system by default in each of the units of said disk.

System 32

It corresponds to the system files that not only guarantee the operation of the computer, but also include Windows applications and executablesunderstood as binary files that can only be interpreted by a computer robot because they contain code instructions. It houses Windows drivers that in case of deletion would leave the operating system unusable.


Luckily they are hidden to reduce the chances of eliminating them, constituting the communication between the system and the RAM – main memory of the computer where the programs are. The purpose of paging files is to ensure the stability of programs that are running to facilitate user action. It manages the virtual memory automatically, which is more advisable than doing it manually.


It is a file that is found from Windows 8 that is stored in the root directory to exchange some data particularly those linked with applications developed by Microsoft. It is hidden so you only access it if you activate the option of visualization, something that is not convenient to avoid confusion with the files unless you are an expert on the subject.


Although it can take up several gigs, keeping it safe is crucial to customize or upgrade the system. If you delete WinSxS you can cause damage to the system, however, it allows cleaning to free up space but you have to do it with care if you do not want to have problems in operation.

Selective Caching

We usually remove the browser cache, cookies, and other data for our computer to process faster. The counterpart of its indiscriminate elimination is that we lose all the session data of each one of the accounts that we handle. While not an irreparable problem, you avoid the loss of time if you are selective when cleaning the cache , trying to erase only the history and temporary files.

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