Do you want to have the best ideas? Let your mind disconnect

The most important scientists in history got their best ideas when they were resting and out of their labs. And you, do you want to try this summer?

This summer I recommend that you do nothing, that you wander as far as you can and let your mind disconnect. In this way, you will be able to foster creativity, find all those solutions that you were not able to find and have the best ideas. Is not it worth a try?

The brain, when we do nothing, can create a network of communication between several of its regions, all intimately related to the autobiographical memory. Introspection, also present in this process, is “the inner gaze that is directed at one’s acts or states of mind” according to the SAR.

Therefore, it is normal for us to have the best ideas when we are doing nothing since at this moment we are leaving the brain to work freely. Did Archimedes not have a great revelation when he was in the bathtub? Dmitri Mendeleev found the solution to the design of the periodic table while he was sleeping, like Bohr and the structure of the atom. Einstein, for his part, found the missing piece to formulate the theory of relativity while taking a walk with a friend.

It is basic to nurture and educate the mind, acquiring as much information as possible. However, this will need to rest to assimilate all the data, shape them and find the ideal solution to any of our problems.

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