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Japan lifts State of Emergency over Coronavirus

Japan ends Covid-19 Emergency

(25 May, 2020) – The government of Japan today ended the health alert that came into effect a month and a half ago, but asked Japan to get used to adopting “a new lifestyle” to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from wreaking havoc.

Japan is one of the few countries which has been able to successfully deal with covid-19 emergency despite having no strict  Lockdowns. 

Even after the lifting of the state of emergency, we are going to have to live with the coronavirus around us
Shinzo Abe
Japanese Prime Minister

The health alert, or state of emergency, as it is called in Japan, was declared last April 7 and became effective throughout the country. Covid-19 was detected for the first time in Japan on January 16 and until this Monday it has affected some 16,600 people and killed 839, a relatively low rate for a country of about 126 million inhabitants.

Japan has been able to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control and contain it in a month and a half,” Abe said at the press conference he held at the headquarters of the Government Headquarters (Kantei).The state of emergency ends, Abe added, because daily cases were already below 50 across the country and because the number of people hospitalized, which reached 10,000, is already around 2,000. But the head of the government announced that in the coming days concrete measures will be taken regarding the operation of businesses and the carrying out of massive public events, which will gradually be adopted to the “new lifestyle”.”


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