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This was the last minutes of George Floyd’s life

(2-6-2020) – Almost a week ago, a picture detonated the fury of millions of Americans, as until then, few had. In it, an African American man appeared in handcuffs, face down on the asphalt, with a policeman’s knee firmly nailed to his neck.

The arrested citizen was George Floyd. And the recording of his arrest, which occurred on May 25 in Minneapolis, went around the world.

For more than eight minutes, the agent, identified as Derek Chauvin, pressed his leg to the neck of the African American, who was motionless, struggling to inhale puffs of air.

“I can’t breathe. Please let me get up. I can’t breathe! ”Floyd pleaded.

The pleas, on the other hand, were useless. Nor are the reproaches of the witnesses, who tried to help the arrested man. Elements of the Minneapolis Police Department called an ambulance, and all that is known is that by the time paramedics arrived, the victim had already lost consciousness. Floyd died after the arrest.

Since the recording was published on social networks, the image of the knee squeezing George Floyd’s neck, and his last cry “I can’t breathe” have sparked outrage from a tide of protesters, who still refuses to leave the streets today. Protests over the murder of the 46-year-old man spread like wildfire across the country, and the unrest seems to grow as repression increases.

This is how the video of Floyd’s arrest became a symbol against racism and oppression of the black race in the United States. And it is not the only clip that recorded the last minutes of the detainee’s life.

A compilation of documents, emergency calls, unpublished images from surveillance cameras and recordings of witnesses, allows us to reconstruct a timeline or a step-by-step of what happened during the arrest of George Floyd, and observe how the different events that happened triggered his death.

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