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International Travel Data Roaming Tips for iPhone

If you do not want to spend a fortune and surprise yourself with the bill on your return, you'd better learn to set limits on your iPhone data when you leave the country.

When we travel abroad, it is usual to want to share every moment of the trip in social networks or to consult on the Internet the sites that we can visit in the destinations that we travel. However, sometimes these practices can cause surprises to appear when consulting the expense in mobile data. To avoid this, we recommend limiting the use of data when traveling abroad and follow these recommendations to take care of your economy.

Do you have an iPhone? Pay attention to these tips while travelling:

Our first recommendation is that you use the 3G band instead of the 4G, so your navigation will be a little slower but cheaper. Also, you will save battery, with what you will have your mobile always to shot for other activities.

Secondly, we should advise you to disable the data roaming option to make sure you do not consume too much and force you to look for a Wi-Fi network whenever you want to connect. You can do this in the Settings section, under the Mobile Data section.

Also, it is advisable to limit access to data that have the applications that we have installed, otherwise, when we try to activate the data to make a quick query on a social network or an online map we could risk that these apps begin to transmit And receive data and increase our expenses. To prevent it, it is best to limit them before they have the possibility to grow the amount of the invoice. This can be done in the Mobile Data section under Settings, in the section “Use mobile data for.”

A useful data is a number that appears under the name of each app, which indicates its consumption of mobile data. In this way, we will be able to evaluate which are the ones that spend more and therefore facilitate the choice of the applications to which to disable the access to Internet.

Travel is to enjoy, not to waste time with worries, so to avoid stressing something so small; the healthiest thing is that you try to find Wi-Fi networks to be able to connect and at the same time keep your pocket safe.

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