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Top 5 must have home security/surveillance apps for iphone and android

The best free apps to take care of your house while you are on vacation and you need to control what happens

1.Going on vacation: It involves solving some issues in advance to ensure enjoyment away from worries. Technological advances allow you to control your home remotely without the need to hire video surveillance systems that cost good money. Download these apps to take care of your home while on vacation without spending a euro but with the efficiency of a sophisticated system.

2.Video Surveillance Ivideon – Supervise your property remotely through a single webcam or in case you want a complete service, contract internationally to create a network of cameras that you can watch from your free app. Recordings are saved in the cloud so you can check them every time you have them and integrate real-time transmissions to a website you have. Also, it sends out both notifications and emails when it detects abnormal movements.

3. AtHome – Turn your computer, Smartphone, tablet or SmartTV into a security system that is already used by 5 million people. You are alerted to any movement or incident that your devices process, even controlling a pet that has remained on your property and notified a family member or friend of any problem. It is possible to set an interval for activating or deactivating video recording every day, and it is possible to rotate the direction of the camera-devices to take an entire piece.

4. Nest cam – If you have Nest products in your house, download this app to turn off the heat or turn on the surveillance camera when you leave your home. Its operation is based on sensors, algorithms and your geolocation by mobile so that the control takes place automatically avoiding that you must remember every small detail. All authorized family members or roommates receive notifications and control branded products equally. The most interesting feature is your thermostat that announces when your house is too cold or hot for you to take action on the matter in the distance and prepare for your arrival.

5. WeMo – Belkin’s WeMo plug-in devices – or branded products – are controlled with your iPhone remotely while enjoying your vacation. From turning off or on the external light switch to programming appliances to turn them off at specific times. You will be surprised with the level of automation of your technological house, facilitating you both daily life and your days off in another place.

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