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Top 7 Mobile Games on Android Mobile

Because the Candy Crash and the Clash Royale can be very good, but to this day it is possible to find many other mobile games that will delight any commuter

The commuters should seek distractions to make their trips more bearable by bus, train or subway. Many of them listen to music, catch up with the latest novel or practice meditation, although others end up sleeping on the road. The mobile games can be a great alternative for all those people who want to entertaining but not devote much effort to the issue.

The best mobile games

  1. Tetris: a classic among the classics, as it was released on June 6, 1984 in the Soviet Union. It consists of stacking tetrominos of different forms, rotating them and moving them to pleasure. When a horizontal line is completed, it disappears so that the rest of the pieces descend. It is lost when the puzzle reaches the top of the screen.
  2. 94%: game that allows you to expand vocabulary and know your community, proposing think of words that fit into different categories and have also chosen other players. Choose, for example, Germany, Something for what you use the water or Things that can be found under the bed.
  3. I love hue: lovers of order and chromatic ranges will find in this their ideal game, as it consists of creating harmony within a puzzle. The participant will have to order a composition of shades and degradations that has been mixed to create chaos.
  4. Plants vs. Zombies: You ‘ll have to defend the farmer’s house from the fearsome zombies, which can only be stopped by strategically planting the plants. And remember, each one of them has a special power.
  5. Dumb ways to die: Effectively, and as its name implies, is to try not to die in absurd ways. Try to get these nice little bugs to get to work safely without being caught by a train or eaten by piranhas.
  6. What’s the logo: You have to arm yourself with patience if you want to complete all your screens. They appear brand logos or parts of logos (when they are very easy) to correctly write the name of the company. Without a doubt, with this game, you will have many trips.
  7. Fruit Ninja: manage to cut as many pieces as possible using your fingers as a catana. If you think you are an expert, play against the clock and try to beat your own records.

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