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HP wants to make the first computer capable of running on Mars

Hewlett-Packard is not content with being limited to the traditional, but constantly looking for ways to break the mould. Now, this ideology raises a new goal, which is to bring a computer to Mars.

In the first missions out of orbit, the technology used by the astronauts was practically null if we speak of computers. Fear for any inconvenience or breaks in the machines led to space agencies to send in missions outdated devices, capable of performing the basic functions and components easily replaceable in case of failure. In fact, the computer with which it travelled to the Moon was less powerful than any Smartphone of the modern era.

However, today the technology has evolved, and manufacturers can think of the development of devices adapted to the conditions of space without reducing power or ability to action.

HP is already working on a model for future missions to the planet Mars, with which it will be proposed to accompany the astronauts who embark on this historic journey. Its device is in full development because although estimates indicate that until 2030 these missions will be impossible, HP wants to make sure that its device is completely fail-safe and requires multiple tests in advance.
This computer could have 160 terabytes of memory, and the ability to load and manipulate millions of data by performing calculations in a few seconds. That is, instead of a simple computer it is a supercomputer.

The company has not given more announcements, but in the midst of these new developments, users began to speculate about an imminent change in the computers that are already on sale. Will HP revolutionize the market for laptops and desktop computers by applying something Of this new technology to the models that already is manufacturing? It will be a matter of waiting to confirm it, but if it happens without a doubt, this will be a historical change.

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