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What is the best way to organize your email inbox

The most successful professionals organize their email to get more profit and increase their productivity. In this note we teach you how to do them

The definitive figure will depend on the type of work you do, but if you do office work, you probably receive several dozen emails a day. If this is the case, you will need to know how to keep your trays updated, so we teach you how to organize your mail the most successful professionals.

You may think this is a useless task, but when you learn to do it well, you will find that it will not save you large amounts of time.

The most successful professionals have techniques for organizing their mail. A great example is Bill Gates, who between Microsoft, his foundation and personal emails receive hundreds of emails a day. To deal with them uses three monitors: one designed to visualize your inbox to monitor what comes to you, another to use for the tasks you are working on at the moment, and a third that leaves the home screen for you to find a document before answering an email.
If you do not want to install three monitors do not worry, there are other solutions with which you will also have a positive impact on your productivity, and you can have a much more orderly inbox. If you are looking for some of the best ways to organise your email inbox then do read below:

1) Turn off mail alerts

Most emails do not require an immediate response, once you understand it, you will learn to take your time to respond instead of just receiving an alert. This way you can check your mail when you have time to do it and spend quality minutes. It is best to look at your mail 2 or 3 times during the workday, rather than when you get an alert.

2) Do not erase everything you receive

If you are going to delete an email make sure you do not need it anymore. If you think that at some point you can use it, the best thing is to leave it in the inbox or in the one that corresponds.

When you need it, you will have to learn to search among your stored mails, so it is a good idea to create different trays in which you classify your emails (by clients, company sectors, co-workers, etc.).

3) Leave in your inbox only the important thing

Those emails that you should consult almost daily or those that will serve you for the work you are doing at the moment should always be at the top of your tray. Remove all the rest and make sure to leave only what is important on the main page and you need to consult more frequently.

4) Mark the limits

Establishing how many unopened messages you allow yourself to have in your inbox is the first step to make sure you do not have too many. If you allow yourself to have only 20 unopened messages no matter how many you get that number, you must read them to make sure you reach your goal and maintain order.

5) Delete the lists of messages that you no longer use

It is normal to subscribe to some lists, and even it seems that they do not do much damage in the total volume of the mails that we receive to the day, but if we add all the messages of lists that arrive at us and we are not interested we will see that we really wasted time with those Subscriptions. So, to gain productivity and reduce the chaos of your account, it is best to delete all those mailing lists that you do not use at all.

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