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Health Benefits of meditation as per newest research

From the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep our head is flooded with thoughts and worries. This continuous functioning of our brain makes our psychological well-being inadequate.

That is why at some point of the day you have to take a break. Putting the mind blank and letting our brains breathe with ease is not easy and requires some practice.

Meditation is the most common way to get this, so we suggest you take a few minutes of relaxation each morning to start the day with the batteries loaded, and the mind rested.

The pillar of meditation is concentration, focus on knowing our mind and creating a state of rest in which the problems of our routine have no place. That is why dedicating each day for a while to do this practice is the healthiest, but how is it done?

First, you have to find the right place. Choose a corner of your house where you feel comfortable; you can do it yourself. It should be a neat and clean place with the least possible noise.

Find your moment. Preferably in the morning, the head is rested, and concentration is easier. Always try to do it at the same time to make it a habit.

What is the correct position? Sitting down, if you do it lying down you run the risk of falling asleep. The lotus position is a bit uncomfortable for beginners and having the mind “complaining” is one more difficulty to meditate correctly.

And finally, connect with your mind, focus on the breath and relax. Take the time you need. First, it will be five minutes, but little by little you can add more. Make sure there are no distractions – the cell phone outside the room and in silence – so you can relax properly.

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