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Google Maps will help us find parking in these cities

In the last update of Google Maps, we can already find parking from the application in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia Alicante and Malaga, these being the first cities in Spanish territory compatible with this feature.

This morning we commented on some of the most important features of the new version of Google Maps, but without a doubt, we leave aside the one that from our point of view is the most interesting.


The big G today announced that a new feature of Google Maps would be available in a select group of cities. We talk about the possibility of searching for parking from the application, quite important news considering that Google Maps is one of the applications that we use the most, just the moment we are most interested in finding it.

You can already find parking on Google Maps if you live in these cities

This feature was announced a few months ago, although it was only available in the United States. Since today, many more cities are compatible. The good news is that this time is not only available in the United States, but five cities in Spain will be compatible with this interesting feature.

These cities are:


If you are a Google Maps user and you are in one of these cities, you will be able to access a new map similar to the ones you already had (such as traffic routes). It should be noted that Google will not tell us exactly where there is a parking site, but will indicate roughly whether there is much or little parking in a certain area, making estimates similar to those of the traffic routes we talked about earlier.

To enjoy this new it will be necessary that you have installed version 9.6.0 of Google Maps and you are in one of the cities mentioned, although it is possible that it may take several days to receive the update.



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