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Galicia will perform Serological (Covid) tests on all Teachers returning to School

serological tests teachers galcia
serological tests teachers galcia

19 Aug, 2020, Galicia (Spain)

Galicia will begin to carry out serological tests next week to all teachers of public and subsidized educational centers of the Galician community.

Galicia, an autonomous community in Spain’s northwest, is a verdant region with an Atlantic coastline.

The measure, in which Galicia is ahead of the rest of the autonomous communities, is part of a battery of proposals based on the opinion of the clinical committee of 35 experts appointed to advise the Galician Government during the coronavirus pandemic and seeks to guarantee greater security in back to the classroom in September, which is being so conflictive .

The acting president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Nunez Feijoo , announced three of these proposals on Wednesday, while he confessed to the media that outbreaks and going back to school are the main concern of his Government at this time.

In the case of teachers, this pioneering analysis of the health status of all non-university teachers has been chosen, some 40,000. They will be tested to see if they have Covid-19 or if they have passed it and generated immunity.

In addition, the Galician leader is committed to establishing that the mask is mandatory “at all times” for teachers and students over six years of age in all educational centers in Spain.


The tests and the limit of 25 students per classroom are already firm measures. Nunez Feijoo has been working on a protocol agreed for all of Spain in response to resuming activity in schools and this Wednesday he insisted that he is not “going to impose any decision”, but he does believe in the need to adopt this measure based on scientific criteria , as the clinical committee of experts “endorses” that the mask is mandatory at all times, “both in classrooms and outside of classrooms”, in all educational facilities for teachers and students over six years

Masks to be made mandatory at all the times” – both in classrooms and outside of classrooms


Galicia presents this Wednesday an epidemiological situation better than the average of the Spanish communities, with 1,623 active cases and 118 confirmed infections in the last few days. In the last three days, the incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Coruna health area has been reduced and the expert committee concludes that it does not seem proven that the number of cases is spreading to other municipalities in the province or Galicia, but In any case, the situation continues to generate concern because it has 960 active cases, 72% of the total in the community.

In this city and its area of ​​influence, the restrictions established a week ago 12 days ago will be maintained and, as a matter of course, the Xunta has agreed to carry out a screening of PCR tests on more than 60,000 people between 18 and 40 years old, when it was found that the virus is having a higher incidence among the younger population and three out of four new positives are in that age range.

The massive tests will begin in the city of Coruna and will be extended in the next few days to the rest of Galicia depending on the epidemiological situation of each community.


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