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Follow the formula 10-10-10 and succeed in all your decisions

Life is full of decisions. What career should I choose? What university can I best develop my skills in? Why subject choose to get the desired specialization? These dilemmas often cause episodes of anxiety and stress in students , as they are never sure that the decision they have made has been correct. If you need help deciding, follow the formula 10-10-10 .

This system was proposed by Suzy Welch , editor of the Harvard Business Review , when she had to reconcile her professional career with being a mother of four. The journalist realized that on many occasions we make decisions thinking about the moment, but without contemplating the consequences that our actions will have in the medium and long term .

Welch proposes that before deciding anything we filter the resolution by the formula 10-10-10. That is, what will be the consequences of my actions within 10 minutes ?, and within 10 months ?, and in 10 years?

After experiencing some difficulties in reconciling her family life with her professional life for a while, Suzy Welch wondered what her short-term, medium-term and long-term consequences would be, especially in her professional career. To share with their children. Since then he applies the technique of 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years in all areas of life.

Let’s put the example of a student who wants to leave Erasmus but hesitate to take the scholarship because they have just started a relationship . What will happen in 10 minutes? Maybe the boyfriend or girlfriend is upset because he will miss him very much and wonder if the distance relationship can continue. In 10 months you are probably in the country of your dreams, you have met new people and you will be living thousands of new experiences. In 10 years this will be one of the decisions that have brought you the most in life, keeping all those friends and remembering the language that you have so hard to learn. Is not it worth launching into this adventure? If your partner really loves you, he will bear the distance for a few months.

As you see, following this rule, we realize that we usually exaggerate for minor and minor issues because we let feelings decide . Using this system, we push away our heart and allow other factors to interfere in the decision, such as projection of the future, professional possibilities or the economy.

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