10 tips to help you avoid post-vaccination syndrome

Do not wait to feel sad, tired and down. Before and during vacations you can carry out a series of actions that will help you avoid post-vaccination syndrome

Post-vaccination syndrome is the state some people suffer from having to return to their work routine after a well-deserved rest. It is produced by not being able to correctly make the transition between both lifestyles , so it is essential that you follow the following tips if you do not want to suffer their symptoms.

The post-vaccination syndrome usually affects people under 45 years of age , as well as children and teachers with the arrival of the return to school. This state, which lasts between 10 and 14 days , usually presents in the form of fatigue, drowsiness, lack of appetite, sadness, nervousness, muscular pains, irritability, etc.

10 tips to avoid post-vaccination syndrome

  1. Sport is fundamental in summer, since we usually use holidays to wander 24 hours a day. Performing physical exercise makes us happier, more optimistic and achieve the relaxation we crave, as well as help us eliminate stress and worry. If you spend your holidays lying on the sofa and sunbathing, the return to work will be very hard.
  2. Food should also be taken care of, as well as meal times. Although you are on vacation, take five meals a day at about the same time and make a healthy and balanced diet. Forget to do barbecue every day, eat tapas or snack on the beach bars. Breakfast, of course, should not be missed in summer either. So when you return to work, your stomach and your digestions will not notice.
  3. Water is that fundamental element for hot days. In addition to moisturizing, it eliminates toxins, quenches the appetite and nourishes our skin. The water is not fattening, so you should choose it for it instead of soft drinks and juices if you do not want to take a dislike when you return home.
  4. Do not abuse alcohol , which acts as a depressant, or caffeine , which favors stress. Also do not consume fat or an excess of sweet if you do not want to alter the organism and break its rhythm of life.
  5. People who rejoin to work just the day after returning from vacation are more likely to suffer post-vaccination syndrome. If you want to avoid it, come back one or two days before . So you can catch up with the washing machines, the purchase, the pending emails, visits to family and friends, etc.
  6. You can also use these days to regulate the hours of sleep . Depending on the type of vacation you have chosen, you may have slept more or less than usual. If you get the job started having slept the 8 hours recommended, you will be perfectly.
  7. Do not try to tackle at work more than you can. Think that you have just returned from vacation and your brain needs a few days of adaptation. Start with the most important tasks and leave for later that which runs less haste.
  8. You should organize outings and entertainments as soon as you finish your vacation to notice the change less. If you come home in the afternoon and you have nothing to do, you will get the downturn. Schedule an outing with friends, an afternoon of cinema with your partner or a dinner with the family.
  9. Think positive . Yes, the holidays are over, but there are sure to be other things in your life to be happy and proud of. If the only thing that fills you is to travel, start preparing your next exit. If you think about it in time, it will cost you more.
  10. Patience is the mother of science. Although it seems that your world falls on you and your life does not make sense, everything will happen in less than two weeks. The symptoms will start to go away and you can go back to your daily routine.

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