Tips for staying productive in summer

We offer some tips to stay productive in the summer and combat both insomnia and heat exhaustion

Summer is the season preferred by most people but its charm disappears when it comes to work. Loss of energy from exhaustion, difficulty breathing, and tiredness from heat, interferes with your work performance if you do not take action. Here are some tips to stay productive in the summer and combat its negative effects, so you can enjoy even when you have to stay locked in an office.

1. Compatibilize your license with the rest of your colleagues

At this time of year your coworkers part or all of your license will be taken, which means fewer people to perform the same tasks . It is amount converses with them if they are doing a team project, so that they can be organized before the departure of each and avoid problems when the person you need is not available . Act accordingly by clarifying which days you will be away from the office or workplace.

2. Do the most important task of the day

Hierarchize the tasks to discern which is the most important of the day and dedicate the morning to complete it, because it is the moment in which you are cooler to take letters in the matter. The urgent and relevant will go first , you will have time to decide with what to continue later. Set small goals that you can keep fulfilling slowly as progress in what you do motivates you to continue to achieve the objectives set.

3. Get organized in micro-tasks

Each micro-task will be accompanied by a brief rest that clear your mind, aerating it against the heat. The objectives will be composed of the micro-tasks so that each step will bring you closer to its realization. A good example is the Pomodoro technique designed by the businessman Francesco Cirillo around 1980, which proposes to use a timer to cut your work in 25 minute intervals with mini breaks between one and another.

4. Plan your times

We understand by rote the review of the mobile or the glances to our inbox, which you will do no matter how busy you are. Therefore, it is fundamental that you include them in the planning of your day, choosing moments previously thought out to carry out these activities. For example in the middle of the morning, five minutes before lunch and in the middle of the afternoon.

5. Prepare to face temperature changes

If your office or work place is very hot, get a desktop fan at some cheap site or a mini mobile fan . Keep in mind that heat drains energy and lowers your concentration. Remember to dress in cool fabrics, smear sunscreen on exposed body parts, get some sunglasses and some hat that fits your work style at work. If your roommates use air conditioning and the office is very cold, leave a sweater in your chair or you will suffer the consequences when you go out into the street: the sudden change of temperature could make you sick.

6. Come light and hydrate

Heavy meals will cause you an upset stomach because they will ferment inside you because of the heat, so we recommend you choose fresh options for your lunches in the office . Get a heat snack so that the food is kept as cold as possible, almost as if you take them out of the refrigerator. The heat could deteriorate your lunch on the way to work, so the thermal food would be a good transport system between the refrigerator in your house and the one in your work. Take a bottle of water and drink in small sips systematically , dehydration causes the brain to slow down.

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