They discover by mistake a tablet that could erase gray hair

Researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona are unaware of the reasons for this side effect of their cancer treatment

Researchers at the University of Barcelona have once again demonstrated that serendipity and science go hand in hand when trying to find a cure for different types of cancer, they found something unexpected.

After ingesting a new drug, patients regained pigmentation in the hair. Specifically, 14 people with lung cancer out of 52 who participated in the study saw their hair “significantly” darkened.

These are new immunotherapy drugs, which work by stimulating the body’s natural defenses to fight the disease. The study started in May 2016 lasted for 12 months, and its results were recently published in the prestigious journal Jama Dermatology.

In this regard, Noelia Rivera, the lead researcher, says these findings deserve a “thorough analysis” and warns that it is “too early to suggest that they could lead to new treatments for gray hairs.”

However, if you can determine which elements contain these drugs causes the hair to regain its pigmentation, it could develop a drug against gray hairs. Or even more relevant: in 13 of the 14 cases of gray hair disappearance, the darkening of the hair was a sign that the cancer was going backward.

If this treatment could get to the root of the problem – never better – it would be a pioneer in that area since, according to BuenaVida told Dr. Lorea Bagazgoitia , specialist in dermatology at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and author of one of the blogs Most known on the subject, “to date there is no drug with sufficient scientific evidence to prevent the appearance of gray hairs. Any”. Therefore, nothing that is currently on the market or in the pharmacy can prevent them.

But maybe for a little while.

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