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What are the benefits of taking tablet over a laptop for College Students

The laptops take up space, are heavy and are often used for multiple purposes that could blur student goals when a project to deliver is mixed with weekend photos, and academic search history is confused with your queries. That is why a tablet exclusively for the university and take it to classes, is a decision you could consider if you attend regularly.

1. Scope

Currently, the tablets have a level similar or equal to that of a laptop, connecting to all types of networks so that you can navigate from anywhere.

2. Dimensions

It is a device that is just the right size to be carried from one side to another in a purse or purse, but at the same time, it is light enough not to affect your shoulders or back when you load it.

3. Battery

The battery life in some modern tablets is longer than a laptop so that you can use it throughout the school day without suffering setbacks in this regard.

4. Connectivity

It has several inputs for different types of cables in case you forget it at home and you must ask for one borrowed. You can even upload your oral presentations there, so they are projected onto a screen and not have to carry the notebook.

5. Backup

Everything you need is in one place, arranged in folders that allow you to find the relevant information at the right time.

6. Consultation

It is a source of permanent consultation regarding the eventualities that arise to search for information or enter the platform of your course and check the latest news on the forum.

7. Applications

It fulfills the function of a mobile phone but with better visualization by the dimensions of its screen. In this way, it is possible to download useful applications for students that help you solve everyday tasks.

8. Information sharing

Your classmates will be able to pass your links instantly, and you can bookmark the pages recommended by the teacher at the exact moment the suggestion is made. It is also possible to review files in Drive to discuss face-to-face with the student groups that are developing such files, so the tablet will be a support for querying the data.

9. Writing

Although it is not recommended to take notes in electronic devices because the manuscripts favor retention due to the brain mechanisms that put in operation, you can always get you out of a hurry to write a note on your tablet or even pass some essay you forgot to print.

10. Recording

You will have the possibility to register the voice of the teacher when it makes the summary of the subjects dictated in class that day. Make sure you have your permission before you record it.

11. Photography

You can capture images of calls that are attached to the university’s billboards, without worrying about the quality of the image that the mobile phones shed when you pass the files to a computer, and the screen throws flaws that you had not appreciated.

12. Bridge hours

The university students usually have hours between subjects and often do not have academic reading material or mental fatigue prevents them from concentrating on their studies. Having a tablet in your bag will allow you to distract yourself in social networks, read articles of prey or ebooks and make video calls to recharge energy until your next class.

If you still are not convinced to change the laptop you take to college for a tablet; you can try Lenovo Mix 310 that consists of a removable tablet PC whose keyboard is physically added to the user’s consideration. The battery life matches the number of uses you can give, as it supports up to 10 hours of local video playback.

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