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What are the Benefits of talking face to face

Although technology, social networks and video calls allow for contact between spatially distant people, talking face to face is and will be the best form of communication. Here the reasons

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we communicate. Now it is possible to keep, for example, the friends of Erasmus thanks to social networks; And I say this with knowledge of the cause, since almost 10 years ago of my Italian adventure. However, video calls and technology are sometimes ineffective or insufficient . Talking face to face, while producing some kind of physical contact, is and will be the best form of communication.

It is true that applications such as Skype allow people living in different countries or cities to talk daily, feeling closer to having the possibility of seeing faces (there was that wait a month to receive a letter as I did with my friends Of the town when we were little). However, whenever possible, it is important to interact face-to-face to have full communication and feeling . It’s no use not to stay with friends because you’ve already talked to them on the phone!

WhatApp allows us to communicate every day and follow the thread of events, but nothing like a few reeds or a breakfast with friends. Are you one of those who does the university group work through the networks? Do not be vague and start enjoying the pleasure of socializing! You do not believe me? Here are some reasons why you should always look for face-to-face communication.

What are the benefits of Talking Face to Face ?

  1. Maybe this statement does not serve the English, but the Spaniards are people who need physical contact . When we get together with friends, we do not just talk, we touch, we kiss and hug. There are days that need something more, that a caress is worth more than all the words and that with a hug of the person indicated take better the evils. In addition, scientifically speaking, physical contact improves emotional well-being, reducing stress and fostering a pleasant feeling of affection and relaxation.
  2. When we communicate through technology we ignore non-verbal communication . Humans are able to express any feeling without words, and sometimes we are not aware of their importance. Have not you ever been misunderstood by WhatsApp? Have not you argued with your partner about an emoji now? Did you want to give a supportive message and your friend thinks you got involved with her? That, talking face to face, does not happen.
  3. One of the benefits of technology is that it allows you to have a conversation while doing other things at once. The problem is that you are de-emphasizing the message you are or are giving, not paying the attention you should.
  4. Appearance and physical form are important, but they are told to all those people who use photographs of others in the applications to connect. But beyond that, it is important to see someone to know how you really are. Maybe your brother told you for WhatsApp that he has had a great day, although he has been crying all day because he has been fired. Is not it worthwhile to find out how that special person really feels?
  5. Most of us have quite stressful lives, so it’s always good to get out of the rut . Calling a friend on the phone or chatting on the cell phone is not enough, since you will be in the same place and thinking about your chores. Get dressed, stay with someone and have some coffee. Talk about your problems, your achievements and your feelings. Only then will you get the respite you need to face the next day with determination and positivism.

Are not you clear yet? Although the technologies help in the day to day, a lot, it is fundamental to not forget of the communication face to face. This is the only way you can keep your friends and know what they really care about. Also, staying and escaping from the routine is the best way to avoid anxiety and stress. Is not it worth a try? Pick up the phone and enjoy the good weather on a terrace or a park.

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