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Should i leave android for iphone? Yes, and we tell you why

It's time for you to leave Android and go to the big leagues, which is what Apple represents in the mobile phone industry

Apple bets on everything in the months leading up to the launch of the next iPhone 8, and is no longer just content to promote its latest creation but now seeks to capture the competition’s customers . Android is the most used operating system in the world, and the Cupertino know it, that’s why they launched the ” Change to iPhone ” campaign which aims to show the advantages of their system and convince users to finally switch to iPhone.

What are the reasons to leave android ?

We know that Android followers are loyal, but Apple’s are true lovers of the brand . Not only do they love the devices but they are completely integrated with your operating system and the functionalities it offers, so that you can use it for every task of your day. As if that were not enough, not only buy an iPhone but they usually acquire several devices.

With a series of videos that make up the campaign, Apple wants to increase its number of loyal fans by directly attracting Android users . To achieve this they have created these audiovisual resources in which they count the different reasons that a user can have to prefer the company of the apple, attacking the weaknesses of Android and highlighting the advantages of the iPhone.

Should I leave Android and switch to Apple? If you are thinking we should tell you that the answer is yes and that these are the reasons to leave android for iphone ios:

1) Changing is simple

You do not need to backup everything on an external disk, but you can switch from one device to another with a simple application. Downloading the app Transfer to iOS data such as contacts, photos and videos, message history, email accounts, browsing data and your calendar will be backed up securely and quickly copied to your new iPhone. To make matters worse, in some cases they will take your old phone as part of the payment of your iPhone.

2) Because it is faster – No.1 Reason to leave android for ios

The iPhone has the most powerful chip that a smartphone has known, making it unique in the market and at the same time faster than any other mobile. This makes all tasks performed on this device feel fast and agile, and at the same time the battery performs better.

3) Because it is easy to use

The ideology of Apple always seeks to please and facilitate tasks to the user, making the iPhone its most outstanding work precisely because it facilitates each of the actions that an average user makes with his mobile. With just a touch you can do actions like open applications or customize the view.

4) The camera is better

In fact, Apple says the iPhone has the camera that takes more photos around the world. In addition, it emphasizes the diversity of modes of capture that this allows to obtain.

5) It is safer

The data that the user creates on the iPhone are encrypted and protected from the outset, and to top it all the user can install security updates constantly to protect his mobile more and more.

Do you need more reasons? Cheer up and change your old mobile for a new iPhone!

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