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list of computer security tools

Download these free blocking tools for your computer and restrict access to folders, applications or open windows

Information security became a matter of agenda due to the great exposure that we live in the network, being able to find great amount of data on each individual. The free locking tools for your computer , not only allow password encryption, but also away from the curious. We recommend you download it to prevent others from seeing what you are doing on your computer, to have total control of your device or to avoid advertisements and content that you do not want to receive.

1. Secure Folder

It protects the files of a folder using a password that encrypts them so that it can not be opened by another person.

2. Snort

Monitor access to your network to evade intruders and control what happens on your computer.

3. Weblocker

It restricts the sites that you add to a list, being of simple use and without memory requirements.

4. FlashCrypt

Limit access to directories and files using passwords that are added by right clicking on what you want to restrict.

5. Easy File Locker

It protects multimedia files, documents or folders by hiding them and avoiding their elimination, as well as copy or modification.

6.  WinHide.SB

A resource for encoding content on your hard drive, backing up important data or hiding it from prying eyes.

7. Encrypt one click

Encrypt your files with a single click so that they remain out of reach of those who use the computer.

8. WinMend Folder Hidden

It hides folders on local partitions or removable devices to secure them at home.

9. Magic Boss Key

It allows you to hide the running program with a hot key, so it disappears from the screen as soon as you press.

10. Popup Killer

A fast way to end up with popup windows that distort your activity on your computer.

11. LockMagic

Share files by preventing uninvited users from accessing your content, encoding them and decoding them whenever you need them.

12. Blue Lock

It is a tool to lock the system when a device with BlueTooth moves away from the computer that has this function.

13. Winrap

Hide applications, desktop icons or program windows so others can not see what you are doing on your computer.

14.  File Stream Secure Disk

Make secure partitions on a hard disk in simple steps suitable for the inexperienced.

15. Smoke Screen

Paradigm that guards open windows with a clcik, choosing three modes and placing a screen capture to visually camouflage your activity before other eyes.

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