Subconscious Mind Power Secrets


Your Subconscious mind is one unexplored territory of human mind which is known to have tremendous powers. Most of our life activities are programmed in subconscious mind which you do have to remember again and again.

Some of the things which are programmed in Subconscious mind are as below:-

  1. How to Talk
  2. How to driver a car if you are a car driver
  3. How to ride a cycle if you already know how to balance it
  4. Your family members, and your friends names. The moment you see their pic you dont have to put stress to remember their names.
  5. many many more such things.

Similarly, it has been now found that subconscious mind alters your reality in real. Whatever that it stored in subconscious mind starts to affect things around you in real. It is known to attract POSITIVE or NEGATIVE vibes depending upon thoughts going in your subconscious mind. Every thought or emotion generates some sort of energy. It could be a signal to brain or any other part of your body.

Let us see how this Subconscious mind affects our daily life from Dr. Bruce Lipton in Video given below:-

HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)

This Is How Powerful Your Thoughts Are

How Your Thoughts Control Your Future

In 1993, Deepak Chopra Showed Oprah the Power of Her Mind 

This Left The Audience SPEECHLESS | This Is WHY You’re Not HAPPY (An Eye Opening Video)

How Can you Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind?



I am affirmations is a way to program your subconscious mind with new beliefs which then start to alter your reality as you start practicing them on regular basis. Subconscious mind likes to understand things when they are repeated over a regular period of time.

Most of the motivation speakers rely heavily on such affirmations and they use these affirmations to uplift your spirit/mindset.

I am affirmations play key role in programming your Subconscious mind. You can try yourself.

How Does Thoughts Manifests by Triggering Law of Attraction?

SPIRITUAL LEADERS have been teaching these powerful secrets of mind for quite a long time now, but only now people have started to accept them as REAL.

If you are facing difficulty in emptying your mind and to connect with the GOD PARTICLE you can listen to OM chanting @417Hz Frequency as given below

Listen to OM Chanting @ 417 Hz

Programming Subconscious mind through Mantras

In Ancient India, mantras are used to activate subconscious mind and to bring actual changes by generating positive vibes and uplifting your mind to a new level.

Mantras are known to bring tremendous relief to those who are suffering from issues including family issues, finance issues, or multiple problems related to different areas of life.

Mantras are repeated again and again in order to connect with the universal power running this whole infinite universe which some call as God and scientist have now openly accepted this God Particle being present in the world which is the root energy center of all energies present in and outside your planet.

Watch Mantra to Remove All Problems – HEY GOBIND HEY GOPAL

Mantras are repeated or chanted for specific number of times. Most commonly they are repeated 108 times.

Significance of the Number 108 | by Sadhguru

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