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T-Series to be the King of Youtube with more than 62 Million Subscribers

T-Series is one of the biggest music company based in India. T-series is a well known name in India and this company has been king of the music industry and and produce film and various other products.

T-series will very soon become one of the most popular Youtube Channel with more than 62 Million Subscribers. It will soon surpass Pewdiepie having 66 Million Subscribers.

T-Series Vs Pewdiepie on Youtube


Whats the Secret Recipe behind T-series rising popularity on Youtube?

T-series is one of the biggest music company in India and it launches music album of every popular singer in India. Popular singers like Guru Randhawa have given big boost to the rising popularity of T-Series.

Singer Guru Randhawa’s single “Lahore” has secured a spot in the Billboard Top 25 on YouTube. He says it was a dream to make it to the international list. This video contributed to the immense popularity of T-Series channel since this video was uploaded by T-Series.

Lahore Song from Guru Randhawa is the only Asian and Indian Punjabi Song which is now trending on Billboard World Chart and has been placed 21 on Billboard Top 25 on Youtube This Week

Watch LAHORE Song with more than 577 Million Views Across Youtube

PewDiePie vs T-Series: The Fight Continues

With rising popularity of stars like Guru Randhawa, we are sure T-Series will surpass all records on Youtube.  If you are a T-Series FAN, then do subscribe to their Youtube Channel: T-Series

However, if you are Pewdiepie Fan, then do subscribe to Youtube Channel: Pewdiepie


How T-Series Conquered Youtube?

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