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Top 15 Movies on Big Data

Big Data is a reality with which we live every day when using our Smartphone, connect to the network or carry out a process. It is present in several actions that we develop and in the future its potential could be unlimited. In this regard, we present the best films of Big Data in which reflect multiplicity of situations derived from the processing of large amounts of data.

1. Moneyball: Breaking the Rules

The leader of a baseball team lost the season again and decides to ask an economist to help them base their game strategies on statistics.

2. The Big Data human face

It illustrates the advantages and threats of Big Data’s progress in everyday life.

3. The Da Vinci Code

A professor and symbologist must solve a murder using codes and mathematical theories.

4. Ex Machina

A programmer who works for the world’s largest search engine, he is engrossed in betrayals and suspense that make him doubt the reality he knew.

5. The Relentless Hunter

It is located in a futuristic time where mankind made andorides with potential to develop feelings and affective bonds. Used as slaves on other planets, a group of androids is revealed and a struggle begins between humans and their increasingly real imitations.

6. Her

A share of romanticism in the Big Data, given by a man who has just finished an affective relationship and begins to investigate an operating system that announce to be intuitive to the personal needs of its users, even if they require to create new links.

7. Artificial Intelligence

In an artificial and futuristic world, there are robots capable of acquiring human feelings and acting against different types of requirements.

8. Previous judgment

Before committing a crime, people are arrested because of a program that allows them to predict behaviors. However, the protagonist tries to find out if the system has errors when it sees itself committing a crime that has not yet happened and does not intend to do.

9. The price of greed

Set in the night before the financial explosion of the United States in 2008, it is triggered by crucial data that fall into the hands of a person with no experience in the subject and the peculiar president of a financial company.

10. War Games

He tells how human and computer blunders warned of a bomb coming from the Soviet Union.

11. Deciphering Enigma

Alan Turing is arrested for his sexual orientation in the winter of 1952, but authorities were unaware that they faced those who laid the foundations of current computing by discovering a code of the most powerful German machine in World War II.

12. Yo, Robot

Isaac Asimov creates robots capable of developing various human tasks based on the principles of robotics and the staging of the relationship between humans and technological advances.

13. 21 Blackjack

Statistic expert Micky Rosa managed to dominate the Blackjack odds and travels to Las Vegas with a select group of elite students from a prestigious college to break the bank, though money will wrap them.

14. The Jungle 4.0

An attack stops normal activities across the United States, suspiciously planned by a hacker to be investigated by
a detective.

15. A bright mind

A mathematician at Princeton University intends to publish an investigation that will potentially give him a place of honor in his field.

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