Top 10 reasons to visit Portugal

Anyone who has been in Portugal and has experienced their wonderful and generous nature or the warmth and vitality of their culture, defend the greatness of this country. No matter if it’s a daredevil thrill-seeking, someone who wants to experience the tranquility of nature, or a social butterfly who longs to enjoy new things, you will love every one of the things that Portugal has to offer. Not many countries can offer such a wide variety of experiences and charms, especially with such incredible quality. Below is a summary of some of the most amazing features of Portugal, both in the mainland and the islands. Each feature contains a huge depth that will have to fully in person,

1. History

Portugal has a rich and interesting history in many ways. Technically it was considered the country in 1143 after a series of power struggles and invasions until finally joined what is now known as the European Union in 1968. This was largely what gave birth to Portugal today day we can visit. Particularly interesting features of Portugal’s history is preserved in extraordinary museums, such as whaling; one of the largest sources of income in the country for a while and the beautiful religious art and churches that were frequented, especially in times of great political struggle. As for its geological side, Portugal islands were formed by volcanic activity dating back millions of years ago,

2. Cuevas / Geology

Although the rocks, at first sight, does not necessarily attract the attention of most people, it’s pretty hard not to appreciate the stunning rock formations, rich volcanic caves, ancient mountain slopes and shimmering sands of Portugal. It does not have to be a geologist to enjoy the complexity of the lava formed caves, and the many different forms of life congregate there. He will be forced to learn something new about the history of millions of years steeped in the undulations of the rock and the contour of the land, in the Portuguese excursions and their guides; all this will enliven the most of their fascination, in ways that could not have imagined possible. If this is the case it is a lover of rocks and volcanoes, have to visit Portugal.

3. Tranquility

The enormous power of the elements has given way to areas of great tranquility in many regions of Portugal. The freshness of the air, the tranquility of wildlife, and the abundance of nature creates a pervasive atmosphere of peace. Despite the wonders and exceptional detail that Portugal has to offer, it is surprisingly quiet and ignored by tourists, especially in the most wonderful areas. This allows the site to remain educated and unadorned, thus conferring an atmosphere of peace and tranquility both on land and at sea. This can certainly be an advantage for you if you like the feeling of being immersed in another world, trade or meddling too many requirements. Just relax and enjoy!

4. People / Culture

We could not only highlight the most interesting features and adorable Portugal without giving credit to those who inhabit it. The Portuguese population held a series of cultural festivals to attend fervently, as they like to participate in events that tell their stories and express their roots and join in the community. The Portuguese are happy, warm, and adventurers. The folklore is vibrant, and often there is traditional music, home items to share and elegant artwork. The signing of Portuguese art is reflected in paintings on white beautiful blue tile. The religious disposition of the people has inspired beautiful buildings, art, and feelings that have infused both the locals very entertaining and fun bold personalities.

5. Sea excursions

Portugal offers more water excursions than any other site. You will never forget the feeling of absolute tranquility while watching the elegance of the wild dolphins while swimming in the perfect serenity of the Atlantic Ocean. Nor will you be able to contain your excitement as you dive in front of some of the most impressive peaks of land in crystal clear waters, with waves so powerful that they crash along the coast in waves that reach such colossal peaks. You can overcome the fear of diving, or you may even have the opportunity to spot a whale. Simply swimming on the beaches of Portugal will give you an idea of ​​what it means to experience the best of the best.

6. Hot springs

Particularly outstanding in the islands of the archipelago, outside the mainland, Portugal offers a lot of natural hot springs that can be seen and explored. The hot springs consist of several areas where water springs out of the ground and forms pools of different temperatures and sizes. In some of these areas, you can enjoy a swim in naturally heated pools, which are often rich in minerals used for facials and other treatments for good health. Some sites have become common areas for spending a day of an outdoor spa in these hot tubs and natural pools. In other areas, the water is so hot that you can only admire it from afar;

7. Kitchen

No place in the world where shellfish are more beloved and so masterfully prepared on the coasts of Portugal. From fresh fish octopus, not only you will find everything, but you can taste the taste of the sea like never before. Portuguese cuisine is fresh, authentic and full of flavor thanks to that has been perfected over generations. Pleasures for your taste buds will not end up in the sea delights, but also find them in the vegetable dishes and fantastic desserts. The Portuguese will change your opinion about potatoes in the best sense and peer into the wonders of passion fruit. There are also other special desserts like Quijada, a sweet dough that will have to try and not be indifferent to him.

8. Lisboa

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the second oldest capital city in Europe (after Athens). The city is beautiful and offers panoramic views from all angles; It is full of history everywhere: from the road up to its wonderful architecture. The many treasures Lisbon captivate the historian and artist alike with its vintage charm air and have survived many battles. On the other hand, Lisbon also has a sense of fashion, types of art and more contemporary entertainment world. Lisbon will have the best of both worlds (old and new) with the advantage of being one of the cheapest capital city in Europe; its geographical location also makes it an excellent base to continue their journey.

9. The landscape

Portugal landscape will surprise even those who hold the highest appreciation for the wonders of nature. The contours of the land built beautiful landscapes formed by mountains green velvet accompanied by rolling countryside. The volcanic islands show unique profiles of natural land formations and beautiful as waterfalls and caves. From many places, especially on the islands, you will have a postcard view, regardless of where to look. Immerse yourself in all this landscape through hiking and to explore the land, or just enjoy the beautiful views. Either way, if you like being surrounded by natural beauty on a large scale, you will love the experience of being in Portugal.

10. Beach

It is indisputable that the beaches of Portugal are among the most amazing in the world and are one of the highlights of the country. There are all shapes, sizes, and colors and is miraculously more beautiful than the other. Some are gentle and exquisite and offer pure white sand and calm blue waters; others have a higher intensity, and black sand is covered with flecks of emerald green. Its waters are always amazing, whether they peacefully caress the shore or crashing against the shore. You will experience moments of elation jumping the waves or carried away by the force of them, before leaving to always surrounded by spectacular scenery the surface. Whatever your preference, you will surely fall in love with the beaches of Portugal.

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