12 Very Interesting Facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean. Each year, tourists flock in droves to this small island nation to enjoy its tropical climate and warm sandy beaches. Known for its relaxed atmosphere, tourists enjoy a variety of relaxing activities and fun-filled nights.

1. Small population of snakes

There are very few snakes found on the island of Jamaica. The mongoose was imported to Jamaica to eliminate rat reed fields in 1872. As a bonus, the mongoose has killed almost the entire population of snakes. So running into a snake is an exceptional event in Jamaica.

2. Vudu

African slaves brought to Jamaica brought their form of religion, Obeahism. The obeahism is a form of voodoo is still practiced on the island. However, it is kept secret, since the practice of obeahism is punishable by death. People who practice this form of voodoo believe the Obeah man can use evil spirits to bring good or bad luck to others.

3. Foreign Cultures

Jamaica’s original inhabitants, the Arawak, grew corn and yams. Today, Jamaica’s main crops include sugar cane, bananas, and mangos. None of these crops are native to the island, but they were imported into different time periods throughout its history. Coconut palms, breadfruit, and bamboo were also imported to the island.

4. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

Rum is the national drink of Jamaica. Here they rum mixed with almost any other beverage. Try the rum with coconut water; it is a very special drink on the island.

5. Bond, James Bond

British writer Ian Fleming is famous for its James Bond 007. After designing your dream home, Ian Fleming decided to be built in Jamaica and called Goldeneye. In Jamaica, he wrote ten of his novels spy James Bond world renowned.

6. Olympic Winners

In 1988, Jamaica became the first tropical country to participate in an Olympic winter sport. It was in the sled discipline. The film Cool Runnings (Cool Runnings), tells the story of Jamaica’s first foray into the Winter Olympics. Only the US has won more Olympic and world medals Jamaica.

7. Independence and Queen

Jamaica was the first Caribbean country to gain independence. In 1962, after years of internal autonomy, Jamaica became an independent nation but chose to remain a member of the British Commonwealth. Like Canada, Queen Elizabeth II remains the Queen of Jamaica, but only by tradition.

9. Flags of the World

Jamaica is one of only 2 countries in the world that has no color in common with the Flag of the United States of America. The other known country is Mauritania (green and yellow). Libya used to have a solid green flag, but has since changed and now include red and white. Jamaican flag is green, yellow and black. Two yellow stripes cross in an X with a green background on the upper and lower black portion and each side.

10. Innovative Jamaica

Jamaica was the 1st country in the Western world who built a railroad. They built his railroad just 18 years after he built Britain. AT & T phone system replicated Jamaica for being so well developed. In 1994, Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to launch its website.

Jamaica’s national dish is ackee and saltfish. Most people in Jamaica eats for breakfast. Aki is a fruit that grows in the area, and both served with fried meatballs and boiled. The cod is cooked with a small amount of oil with peppers and onions to please.

11. Mountains and blue moons

The stunning Blue Mountains of Jamaica are named by the fog that covers them. From a distance, the haze is blue. The second moon of the month is also called Blue Moon; However, there have been half a dozen sessions sapphire moons in the last 40 years.

12. Orchids everywhere

There are over 200 species of orchids growing wild on the island of Jamaica. 73 species are unique to Jamaica. There are about 1,000 species of trees and 500 species of ferns. Jamaica is the best place to see wildlife.

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