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Top 10 Best iphone Free Apps for Car Drivers while Traveling

Traveling by car can be long and stressful when you are not properly prepared to travel on loaded routes, park in impossible places and relax while driving without losing your attention. Here’s a list of 10 free car apps that we recommend you download before you travel, as they will make your journey easier and allow you to enjoy the pleasure of traveling in a personal vehicle

Car sharing

Bla bla car

It works as a connector between cars with free seats and people without transport whose destinations are in the same direction. It is a way to save money during a commute, whether you want to find a car with available places or if you want to publish your trip to lift passengers.

For the route


Anticipate the dangers of the route and drive safely to arrive intact to your destination, downloading this app that warns you about traffic jams, slow movement and even braking . You will avoid skipping speed cameras, traffic lights or cameras that are recording the infractions. It is a contribution to road safety with itineraries in virtual maps to recommend roads.

Gas stations in Spain

Running out of fuel in the middle of unpopulated routes or natural landscapes could ruin your vacation if you delay in arriving at the hotel or you have to wait several hours for them to come for you. Control the level of your fuel while discovering which are the nearest gas stations , in addition to receiving a daily price comparator.

Field trip

An interesting way to enjoy all aspects of the trip, as it runs in the background on your Smartphone notifying you of curious data when you drive with different places . Also share information about stores, restaurants or entertainment sites that are close to your location.

Drive 2

Improve your behavior behind the wheel by making an evaluation of your trip to know which aspects to emphasize and which ones to work. It sends personalized tips to increase your dominance when driving taking into account the weather, the time you drove and the type of route you did.

Drive Smart

Your driver assessment system gives you rewards when you do your job well. Saving with the car, properly turning the curves or roundabouts, respecting traffic signs and speed limits will reward you with free car washes, tuition discounts or service subscriptions.

To musicalize


It facilitates the streaming from the iPhone to any bluetooth device like the car handsfree to receive audios from Spotify, YouTube, Radio or Podcast. As the quality fits the devices involved it can vary according to the one you choose to play your songs.

To park


The drivers community of app users inform you of the free places to park when people retire in your car . You can also virtually warn that you moved your car out of the parking area, so that users know where to turn when there are areas where they can leave the vehicle.

To the car

The solution you were waiting for: find the car without going through the parking lot twice to see where it was. Save the location of your vehicle automatically without pressing the screen or activate the GPS, so it is ideal to save battery in your mobile.


It manages the payment of the parking in areas regulated from your mobile each time you make a stop to take advantage of the route before arriving at destination. Forget to look for the parking meter or to take the ticket for control of registration. Your Telepark account will pay off the debt without having to pay attention to it.

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