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Top 5 Stay Hydrated Apps

Because although you know that drinking water is important you do not manage to hydrate well in summer, we bring you these apps that will help you stay healthy

Our body is made up of 70% water, so being well hydrated is vital to getting a good functioning of each of our organs, and at the same time keeping us healthy.

In hot seasons, when we face long days under the sun looking for the perfect tan, it is easy to forget the intake of fluids and because of it face health problems. If this is your case, you should not worry at all, because today we present five apps that will help you stay hydrated and improve your eating habits, making you take care in summer but acquire knowledge useful for all times of the year.

Do you need more baby water? Try these apps and then tell us if they did their job:

1) Aqualert

We have to drink water, but … How much water is needed? Two liters? Three? Depending on the weather? With Aqualert you will learn how to drink the amount of water you need according to your weight and level of physical activity, ensuring optimal hydration. Thanks to its alarm system you will never forget to do it.

2) Plant Nanny

Do you know who else needs the water to survive? The plants. That’s why this app uses fun and colorful designs too, through the excuse of keeping plants, encourage their users to drink water.

3) Hydro drink water

This app is handled with graphs that use the calculator to calculate the amount of water that the user should consume in the day and control the water levels in the body, generating concrete but easy to interpret data with which any user can inform all moment about its degree of hydration. It also allows placing alarms to make sure to drink a glass of water every certain period.

4) Waterlogged

It is similar to the previous app, with the difference that allows you to see a comparison of the amount of water ingested on different days of the week. It works with Apple Health, so it allows a more comprehensive control over the health of the user.

5) Daily Water

The differential of this app is that it tries to make sure that its users drink the necessary amount of water, without sparing but not without exaggerating. To do this, it is possible to record a daily goal that the user must commit to drinking, planning the drink schedules and scheduling alerts to ensure that it is spaced throughout the day.

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