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Why Do I need a screen protector for my iPad, iPhone, Tablets, and Galaxy Mobiles

Mobile phones are excessively expensive quirks. What father would give you 20,000 years ago 100,000 pesetas (about 600 euros) for you to buy something? The worst of all is that we are not aware of the money they cost, so we mistreat them systematically. Watches and jewelry, for example, take care with care and delicacy not to damage them, although they are possibly cheaper than your smartphone.

According to research, a telephone manufacturer, have spent more than $ 23.5 billion in the United States to repair mobile screens. The data, which have not been updated since 2014, also indicate that people under the age of 35 usually spoil the screen of their smartphone before it reaches its first year.

It is true that manufacturers should focus their efforts on creating more resilient devices, since everyone has dropped the phone ever, However, as a consumer, the most prudent thing is to buy a screen saver that will save you money and unnecessary expenditures.

Why it is important to have screen protector for Mobile Phones including iPad, iPhones, Galaxy Mobiles and various other devices ?

This system is nothing more than an invisible layer that adheres to the screen. With this simple and cheap gesture (if you compare it with the price of the mobile), you avoid scratching and breaking the device. Despite its advantages, there are still people who refuse to use the protectors or the covers, since they think it would be an offense to cover the chassis in which the best engineers have been working for years.

And you use protector? If you do not want to have to invest again to buy another phone or fix the one you already have, it is certainly the best option.

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