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How to use workflow app in iphone

Apple purchased this app because it knows it can be very useful ... Discover some of the unique benefits of Workflow app which is available freely on Apple devices.

After surprising the world with its new edition of a red iPhone, Apple announced another novelty that will also be of interest to a large section of the population. In the last hours those of the apple have acquired Workflow , the automation app, and therefore already can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Since its inception Workflow has been highlighted as one of the most powerful and popular applications for iPad users who use this device at a professional level. Its ability to recognize faults and automate tasks thanks to the workflows has captured the attention of various professionals and also those of Cupertino.

The reason for this purchase? By integrating this service into iOS Apple would gain in accessibility and connectivity, but would also benefit by integrating it into any of its apps. If, for example, any user of Apple is added to Siri, it can execute actions using commands given to the virtual assistant.

And you? What reasons do you have for using Workflow? We tell you 5 reasons why you should download it right now:

1) It’s free. Or at least it will be from now through the App Store.

2) You can automate a myriad of tasks, from the simplest to the most complex. With this, any professional will save time that can be dedicated to other tasks.

3) You can do simultaneous actions without leaving the app. For example, create an image and then share it on your networks. Maybe this does not seem like a breakthrough, but when it comes to several images or it is something that you have to do all day reducing time without doubt becomes noticeable. In addition, some of the actions that today allow the main applications of instant messaging (like Whatsapp or Messenger) were inspired by this type of flows created by Workflow.

4) Your creativity will never end, because the day you feel that you no longer know how to use it or what it could benefit you, you can consult the workflows created by other people and apply them to your own work. So you will never stop learning and innovating.

5) It eliminates the need to have other applications, because only with Workflow you can do tasks for which normally you would need 2 or 3 different applications. For example, you can get rid of the apps to create or scan QR codes, you just add a workflow for this action to Workflow and it will do it for you in less steps than you used before. Applications for image editing, text translation, gif creation and more can also be replaced.

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