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NAO – The Most Advance Dancing Robot

NAO is the most advance dancing robot which you can keep at home for $8000. It is one of the most advance robot which can do whole lot of things including dancing, talking and lot more. Watch these robots dancing to popular songs like Gangnam Style or Michael Jackson Thriller.

Let Us See What Else This NAO is capable of doing

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”” playlist_yt=”nNbj2G3GmAo,mkt52Utz2Gk,51vQo-imc4Q,OznNHfJ9P_k,n8-SSwKMGnY,WTeTI0H6M6s,eDWmpBGa4BI,n0qUOcQMU1s,K1GD1V6af0,sVLi8Sz5iJs,n8-SSwKMGnY,RjSw6xpucnM,p1ITwOEZAdA,LZD0s43UvNE,KORD44VkLps” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

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