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List of Top Free Antivirus for windows 2017

The multiplicity of cyber attacks, misleading and malware that is hosted on the Web, is more than enough to download free antivirus that protects the security of your computer right. When you do not install one, you increase the chances of damaging your files and cause a malfunction of your computer even disable it completely. If you are thinking of buying a new one or your license expired, we present you a list of free antivirus for your computer. Choose best anti virus of the year 2017 !

Following are the list of free anti virus of the year 2017

1. Avast

Free protection that takes up less space on other types of antivirus and is one of the largest networks against cyber threats. In fact, it received recognition from a malware testing institute and 5 Advanced + awards for performance on the computer. Its interface is simple to use, explaining how to solve in a few steps every problem that is presented.

2. AVG

The well-known antivirus system optimized its free version to receive real-time security notifications and quickly analyze malware problems. Its new design does not affect the speed of your computer, including an innovative virus scanner that will do all the work.

3. Panda

Its free version keeps the potential threats at bay, guarantees the security of your bank accounts, takes care of your photos or videos and has the option of a parental control to protect your family.

4. Comfortable

It recognizes infected hidden files and blocks them to protect your computer even if you download the free program. It removes unknown threats even if they are not identified by cyber experts since current antivirus programs usually deposit them in a security zone because they are not able to verify them.

5. Bitdefender

It supports several types of operating systems and ensures a safe Internet browsing, blocking viruses that can infect your computer. It applies advanced technologies such as automated learning and other ways to identify fraudulent content.

6. Avira

Its latest update makes your navigation not only safe but also private and anonymous. In addition to offering these features, it speeds up your computer and can identify when you need to free up space to fulfil your actions.

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