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List of Common computer errors and how to fix them

Maybe you do it without intention, or even without realizing it, but although it is not your objective you can not avoid being good with the computers . Or at least something better with them than the rest of your family, who constantly asks you to fix certain problems on the pc without understanding that you are not a computer. If this is your situation and you constantly receive requests for help we have what you need: the solution to the typical problems that every computer presents at some point .

The internet connection, the printer, the keyboard functions … Your parents, siblings and friends will always find some doubt about their computers that they think you can solve. And you must admit, even if you do not like being treated like the computer in the house, you like to know that you can help them when they need it.

Do you want to know how to solve the most common problems of a computer and help your family? We tell you what they are and we show you some probable solutions:

1) “I think my computer has a virus”

It must be one of the most odious and at the same time most heard of recent times. Parents, uncles, grandparents and even somewhat careless siblings usually download files, games or programs from dubious sources, or even open any link that comes to them by email and press on the notices they offer to give them millions of dollars.

To solve it first you must know what action was taken to reach this situation, and teach your family why not do it again. Then it will be a good idea to run the antivirus, or install one if you do not have it beforehand. Do the tests that recommend and wait to see if this solves the problem before looking for another antivirus more effective or consult a real expert.

2) “The printer does not print …”

Many things can happen to printers, such as damaged ink cartridges, jammed papers, poorly connected cables and even the lack of proper drivers.

To begin you will need to know what the problem is, so first check the cables and paper that are the simplest problems to solve. Then you can check if all goes well with the ink cartridges and even perform a head cleaning. If none of that works, you may need to uninstall it and look for the original drivers to reinstall.

3) “Some strange things appear in my browser …”

Surely those strange things are toolbars or advertising pop-ups, generated by oppressing improper things or opening wrong links. Therefore the first step will be to instruct your family member not to make these mistakes again.

To eliminate these annoying notices it is advisable to look for specific cleaning tools such as AdwCleaner or Ad-Aware Free. But you can also choose to choose an antivirus that includes protection for the web browser.

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