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How to Know if you are blocked on Whatsapp ?

How to tell if you have been blocked in WhatsApp on iOS or Android. WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging applications that we can find today in our smartphone. In several countries it is the messaging client par excellence and is used by millions of users, it can be a drama if they block you.

WhatsApp is the most famous instant messaging service for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, PC, etc. It can be a drama for someone teen being blocked by their friends. Block or be blocked? Sure you’ve ever wondered How to know if you’ve been blocked in WhatsApp. It is one of the recurring searches on search engines like Google.

If you are a WhatsApp user and you are hooked to this instant messaging application. You’re a teenager or you’ve argued with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can ask the most famous question: How do I know if I have been blocked in WhatsApp? Wondering if we have been blocked in WhatsApp is a question that many users are asked quite frequently and that we give the solution in this article.

How to block a user in WhatsApp?

First, we will teach you how to block contacts in your WhatsApp, since using Whatsapp is very useful, but it can also be an ordeal when there is someone annoying or troll or you have discussed with someone.

How to block a user in WhatsApp is easy. Open the contact that you want to block in WhatsApp, then press the Options button and go to the More menu. There, among all the options that appear you must mark the option of Block.

How to know if you have been blocked in WhatsApp?

It may be that someone does not love us or that we are the heavy on the turn. So we can be blocked.

How do I know if I have been blocked from WhatsApp?

There are a number of tracks or tricks for WhatsApp that let you know if I have been blocked in WhatsApp. These are some:

1) Double check

When we write to a contact, and we see that he never responds, or that the messages do not arrive with the double check we can begin to intuit that we have been blocked in WhatsApp. If a contact is blocking us, we can send you a couple of messages from WhatsApp and look at the message check. We have to keep in mind that a tick means that the message has been sent correctly, that two ticks mean that it has reached the phone, and if they are in blue it means that you have read it. If you only send the messages with a single tick or have no connection or have been able to prevent our messages from reaching a block. If after sending a multitude of messages the double check does not appear, they may have blocked us in WhatsApp.

2) Check the last connection time

One of the main signs that a contact has blocked us is that we look at your profile does not appear the last hour of connection. This may be because our contact has marked WhatsApp’s privacy options. To do this you must open the WhatsApp chat window of the contact that we believe has blocked us; just below the name, we seek the last time you were online within the application if nothing comes up and only see the contact name is one of the symptoms that users have been able to block.

3) The call by Whatsapp

To know if they have blocked us in WhatsApp we can use the calls. One of the options that have been incorporated recently. When a contact blocks us, we will not get our calls, so if after calling you repeatedly does not respond, you can say that we have blocked by heavy.

4) Add contact to a group

You can not add the contact to a group: The only way the application itself warns you that something “strange” happens with that contact. When adding a contact to a group you can skip a warning saying “you are not authorized to add to this contact”. This probably means that you have suffered a block in WhatsApp.

5) Profile update

The last of the ways to know if a contact has blocked us is to see the update of the user profile that we believe has not stopped talking. This would be confirmed if we are unable to see your status changes or photo changes in a person’s profile. Remember to be gentle and not be heavy. I try not to argue using WhatsApp is the best way not to be blocked. We leave you the official answer of WhatsApp.

How to know if you have been blocked in WhatsApp How can I find out if someone blocks me in your WhatsApp ?How to know if you have been blocked in WhatsApp

There are some reliable indications that a contact has blocked you in WhatsApp:

– You can no longer see the time last time or online on the chat screen.
– You do not see the updates in your profile photo.
– All messages sent to a contact that has blocked you are left with a single tick/popcorn (message sent) but never the second tick/popcorn (indicating message delivery).
– You can not make a call to that person.

If you see that all the conditions detailed above are met, the contact may have blocked you, but it is not an absolute conclusion. In Whatsapp, they have designed this ambiguously to protect your privacy if you decide to block a contact. “We can not confirm whether someone has blocked you or not because it would be a violation of that person’s privacy,” says WhatsApp, but if you do these things, you will almost certainly have been blocked and more if you have just discussed.

These are the reasons why WhatsApp can expel you temporarily or forever if you insist.

1. Why do I see the message “Have you been temporarily suspended from WhatsApp”?

If we suspect that your account activity constitutes an abuse of the system, we temporarily suspend your WhatsApp account. In that case we show you a notice that tells you how long the suspension lasts. If you continue with those practices you can be blocked indefinitely.

During the blocking period you will not be able to access your WhatsApp account. You can access your account again and use it when the suspension ends.

The reasons for suspending a WhatsApp account are the following:

The following are some examples of activity that cause the suspension of a WhatsApp account:

– When you send too many messages to users who do not have your phone number stored in their contact lists.
– Make sure your friends have your current number added to their contact lists.
– When many users block you in a short time. You just have to communicate with known users who want to receive messages from you in WhatsApp.
– Do not use the official WhatsApp application.
– When you create too many groups that include users who do not have your number stored in their contact lists. Make sure your friends have added your number to their contact lists.
– When you send the same message to many people.
– Use Broadcast Lists to send the same message to your contacts.

When we suspect you have violated our WhatsApp Terms of Service. If you see the message “Your number is not authorized to use our service”, please read the WhatsApp faq.

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