Some Unique and Interesting Products sold by Xiaomi

Even though in India, Xiaomi has launched a product other than the smartphone, but the company has a whole chain of tech products. These include many domestic tech products that are considered ‘smart’ more than ordinary products. By removing a mid-range phone after one, Xiaomi did not make any big mistake in terms of specification and feature while competing against Samsung in India. The result was that along with the online market, Xiaomi established its name in the offline market as well.

Xiaomi launched its Smart TVs in the Indian market, which got strong response due to being ‘cheap’ and ‘better at a lower price’. Built in 2010, this company has earned a good name within a short span of time. Today we will discuss about Xiaomi products which are less in India and are not available in the market here. But given the popularity of the company’s products, these products can knock the Indian market in the future.

Xiaomi Rice Cooker

Miomia IH rice cooker of Xiaomi comes equipped with electromagnetic heating technology. Its capacity is 3 liters. The non-stick material is used in it and according to the company’s claim it is easier to clean it. Its price is 565 Chinese Yuan (5,900 rupees).

Xiaomi Oclean Electric Toothbrush


This toothbrush with 199 Chinese yuan (about 2,000 rupees) has been given 4 types of brushing speed. It works on Speed ​​Sensitive, Soft, Normal and Intense mode. Apart from this, users get standard, whitening and massage modes. Toothbrush can be used 60 times after being charged once.

Xiaomi 90 minutes suitcase

There is also an option for luggage and travel in Shaomi’s list. The weight of this suitcase is close to two and a half kilos. It has 36 liters of space. The suitcase comes in 5 color variants. It is composed of polycarbonate. The price is 418 Chinese Yuan (4,400 rupees).

Xiaomi Alarm Clock

It is the company’s smart music alarm clock, which costs 247 yuan (about Rs 2,600). There is also Bluetooth connectivity. With a battery of 2600 mAh battery, it is equipped with many other smart features as well as awakening the user.

Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter

This electric scooter from Xiaomi reminds children of mini scooters. But this scooter is smarter than them. Its price is 2300 yuan (about 24,000 rupees). There are lights in front and rear. It is possible to keep connected to the smartphone. It lets users easily tell things like batteries, rotation speed. There is also a Bluetooth support in it.

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