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So is ‘Symphony of the Seas’, the largest ship in the world ?

So is 'Symphony of the Seas', the largest ship in the world

The company Royal Caribbean has built a new flagship of its fleet, the Symphony of the Seas, which is currently the biggest ship in the world.

This new vessel, the number 25 of the fleet of Royal Caribbean and a quarter of the class ‘Oasis’, has a capacity for 6.360 passengers and 2.175 persons of crew.

In addition, it has 362 feet in length, seven neighborhoods exclusive and 20 dining options through which passengers can enjoy japanese specialties or steaks of great quality.

  • The new flagship of Royal Caribbean, has a capacity for 6.360 passengers.
  • The cruise features the most innovative of the company, such as simulators, surf or a Bionic Bar.



The ship presents the most famous and innovative facilities of Royal Caribbean, as three water slides, between which is located the Ultimate Abyss, the most high of the high seas, two simulators, surfing, a skating rink, two walls of climbing or a basketball court official size.

A cutting edge fitness center, 3D cinema, the Bionic Bar, at which waiters robotic cocktails while dancing to the rhythm of the music, or VOOM, the fastest internet of the high seas, which will be available throughout the boat, are some of the examples that demonstrate the company’s commitment to technology and “innovations never seen at sea”.

Arrival in Malaga

The Symphony of the Seas will arrive this Tuesday at the port of Malaga,a city chosen for its world premiere. Your arrival is expected from the French shipyard of Saint Nazaire, where he was received last Friday by Royal Caribbean International of the hands of the constructor.

What will be at 06.00 hours and will depart for Barcelona at 22.00 hours. Once the ship was away for the mouth of the enclosure, the port and the city laid off with a fireworks display, putting an end to a busy day.

Malaga will be the only city in the world that has been held in a period of 48 hours, the four ships badges of the same class, considered to be the biggest ships in the industry: the Oasis of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and the Symphony of the Seas.

From April and until the arrival of the fall will cruise seven-night Mediterranean departing from Barcelona as a base port and doing a stopover in Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Provence (France) and Florence, Pisa, Rome and Naples (Italy).

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