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The Creator of the Paulding Waste Company and Flooring Adhesives is Honored

Paulding company, the workplace of about 100 individuals in charge of eliminating waste, and producing flooring products recently entered the spotlight.

The annual “Salute to the industry in Paulding County” event was hosted by the Paulding Chamber of Commerce to commemorate leading producers and manufacturers available in the county.

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The campaign efforts by the community in the engineering sector in charge of the construction of the multi-million-dollar project of the reservoir at North Paulding was also outlined.

The luncheon was presented by the Chattahoochee Technical College featuring Ron Newcomb, the college president giving an award to Brown & Caldwell engineers and W. W. Henry Co BLD Waste Services.

Henry, who hired 20 employees at his Thomas Murphy Drive plant close to Kroeger in Dallas was awarded the manufacturer of the Year by the chamber.

It has been a major producer of flooring adhesives for up to 27 years. Michael Deppa, the plant engineer stated that the honor was to reveal the dedication and tenacity of their staff that has made their products available to their customers.

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He continued that their hard work has brought a development that facilitates the restructuring of the plant.

The Dallas family is among the four companies based in Pennsylvania operating the United States. In 2016 alone, it had manufactured more than 10 million pounds of products in Dallas but finished a 50,000 square foot structure addition, as reported by the information on chamber event.

Deppa stated that the company is in charge of producing products that are suitable for concrete renovation and resurfacing. Tile and stone installation and flooring installation systems.

He stated that Henry Co specializes in producing self-leveling concrete that helps to develop a smooth, flat surface suitable for floor surfacing in Dallas. It also specializes in manufacturing moisture control items that are equipped under floor coverings, grouts, and high-quality grade tile mortars as well as other floor adhesives utilized for improving the lifespan of carpets, vinyl, baseboards and other types of floor and wall coverings.

Deppa continued that they also specialize in producing patching materials for renovating surface defects and holes.

He stated that the Henry brand is available for sale at high-end retailers like the Home Depot and Lowes while the Henry and Ardex brands are available for sale at various networks of flooring material dealers.

Dallas-based BLD that is in charge of four divisions and employing 75 individuals were awarded the Industry of the Year by the chamber officials.

Tim Shipp, the company official represented Brian Stover, the owner in collecting the award. Shipp stated that although Stover was shy, he had a big heart and he’s always ready to provide support for Paulding charity and nonprofit organizations.

The business was established by Stover in 1996 as a refuse delivery company with only 10 clients. Afterward, he established BLD through expansions and procurements, and currently operating in divisions and providing refuse delivery for households, roll-off containers, inert landfill, and a refuse transfer station.

Inert landfills are permitted by law to relocate yard refuse and construction debris like asphalt and brick.

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Brown & Caldwell engineering company was granted the Community Development award by the chamber officials.

For three years, the firm managed the $215 million project of the Richland Creek reservoir for Paulding County and in October, the project was launched in north Paulding.

By 2020, this project will enable the county to operate and provide its own water supply to the residents. Currently, the county purchase water from Cobb Marietta Water Authority.

But Brown & Caldwell also ensured that the important information concerning the project was available to the public by creating educational projects for young folks on their website and county schools, according to Newcomb.

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