Holiday Smartphone Guide for Travellers

Although it seems hard to believe, we use the smartphone even more during the holidays. Where is that disconnected?

What is the essential complement of vacations? The smartphone

Holiday is that longed for a moment in which you can escape from reality, lie in the sun, rest and let fly concerns. We are many (I hope) those who dream all year long with the moment when we can be lying on the beach, feeling the sand on our feet while reading a good book. However, the trend is changing, since the essential complement in the holidays of many is no longer the Pamela, a novel or the sunscreen, but the smartphone.

We already know that Spain is the country with the most smartphones per inhabitant, a title that shares with Singapore. So it is not surprising that many people also use their devices on vacation. Several types of research, developed by Back Market and Aglow and accessed through the newspaper El Mundo, determine that each of us look at the mobile 11 to 50 times a day. It is then normal for many to think that this should be its essential complement.

Surely you know someone who has gone on vacation forgetting the toothbrush, sunscreen or even documentation. But, do you remember someone who has traveled without a cell phone or charger? Impossible. In fact, Spaniards use social networks 21% more during the holiday period, a figure that increases by 9% more if we refer strictly to young people under 30 years.

But, and I wonder, why does anyone need the Internet during the holidays? Are not we supposed to get away from our real life? The truth is most people use the mobile to boast on the beach and during leisure time, posing with the summer looks, healthier meals or the most natural tan. The most common photos have to do with family and friends (32%), although images of outdoor leisure activities (13%), food dishes (13%), travel and tourism, in general, are also very popular (11%) and fashion and clothing (9%).

Now that the holidays are starting, why not try to enjoy them? He thinks that not long ago we did not have mobiles nor the Internet, and we will all agree that these were the best summers of our lives.

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