Game of Thrones: the end is coming – Ending leaked

Beyond the wall, the battle between the ice and the fire is fought. Faithful to the prophecy, the penultimate chapter of the seventh season concentrated the most anticipated moments of the saga. Alert spoilers.

Warning: This content has spoilers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones. If you are not up to date with the series, read at your own risk.

Each battle sinks deeper, and each death hurts more. The fans who resisted the second filtration of the season and who waited entrenched the launch of the sixth chapter came across this Sunday with the most disturbing scenes that leave the series so far.

It’s already a tradition: the penultimate chapter of Game of Thrones is always the best. Baylor , for example, unleashed the curse after the death of Ned Stark and the warning that George RR Martin could at any moment disappear to the main personage.

To that end of the first season, they followed immortal chapters like Blackwater, The Rains of Castamere, The Watchers on the Wall, The Dance of Dragons and one of the most epic battles that until now had left the series: Battle of the Bastards. This time, there was no exception, and the series again made a tribute to the prophecy.

“Death is the enemy, the first and the last,” Beric Dondarrion warns Jon Snow minutes before the specter of a giant bear pounces on them. They went in search of a test queen to demonstrate in King’s Landing, that the real war is fought in the north, beyond the wall.

The chapters of long journeys are over. Game of Thrones is about to come to an end, and that was reflected in the seventh season. There is no time to digest and between taking and take the most anticipated moments arrive and that the directors of the saga have been delivering drops.

The end looms. The feat of Dortmund, Jorah Mormont, Gendry, The Hound Clegane, Thoros of Myr and Dondarrion quickly left results. After surviving the giant bear, the squadron faced a handful of White Walkers. The specters – except one – were turned to ashes after Jon Snow faced them with the Valyrian steel sword. The same one, that minutes before tried to give back to its legitimate heir.

But the exploration was not there. After cornering the spectrum that would serve as a test to return to Guardaoriente, everything was complicated. Lying on the ice sheet, the ghost cast an abominable cry that drew the dead army. For the second time, at that moment, Jon Snow came face to face with the king of the night.

Back in Winterland, Arya fell into Littlefinger’s nets and has an inevitable confrontation with Sansa. The clue she sowed in little Stark served as a spark to point out to her sister for treason. Although the young woman claimed to have written the letter under pressure, the response did not echo and ended up accentuating the differences between the two Stark who had not seen since the first season.

As the relationship between Tyrion and Daenerys is eroded, on account of a discussion of the heir to the throne, nothing goes well beyond the wall. With the white walker tied behind the backs of one of the squad members, they try to flee from the dead horde. The exits are depleted and end up trapped on a stone island in the center of a frozen lake. Around, the group of specters is blocked by the ice that broke and created a breach in the water.

After escaping and running like crazy towards Guardaoriente, Gendry collapses in the arms of Ser Davos Seaworth. “Unless the lord of light sends us a little fire” everyone will be dead, he says before sending a letter to the dragon’s mother. On the next plane, as expected, Daenerys appears disobeying the advice of Tyrion and flying north.

Somehow the squad managed to survive, except Thoros of Myr. Although still trapped and without exit, the division in the water helped them to gain time. However, The Hound Clegane’s impatience triggered one of the most epic battles ever. Seated, he began throwing stones at the army of white walkers who noticed that the stones were not submerged, but were sliding down the layer of water that had been refrozen. Each spectrum began to launch again upon the warriors.

The battle that at first seemed suicidal began. They were agile men but in front of an incalculable number of specters. They were more and more cornered when suddenly Daenerys appeared on Dragon, who from a flare, eliminated the first ring of specters. Everything seemed to be under control until the king of the night took an ice spear and threw it at Viseryon. The dragon collapsed on the ice and went to the bottom of the lake. That was the blow that Daenerys needed to understand how difficult it would be to win this war.

Jon Snow continued to fight. Suddenly, the king of the night began to prepare another attack against a second dragon. Although the Stark bastard tried to run to escape with the others, three white walkers rushed over him. Daenerys left the place and left the king of the north drowning in the lake. A few minutes later, Uncle Benjen appeared to rescue him. He mounted him on his horse and sent him back to Eastwatch, while he stood to face the wraiths.

The sacrifice ended radicalizing the vision of the young Targaryen that at the end of the chapter got Jon Snow to genuinely knee his knee. The episode ended with the army of dead dragging the chains with which they take the dead dragon out of the lake. Once on the ice, the king of the night puts his right hand on the forehead of the animal. Suddenly, a large blue eye occupied the foreground. Will it spit ice or fire?

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