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Environmental Impact of Covid-19 Disposable Masks

coronavirus masksDisposable masks, gloves and disinfectant products, which are used in protection from the spread of COVID-19, end up on the streets, in the seas and in nature.

Discarded gloves, wipes, and disinfectant bottles, which people use to protect themselves and others, are strewn about parks, sidewalks and roads.

Disposable gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for those fighting the pandemic, but they are also widely used by the public. Because they are not always disposed of properly, environmentalists fear negative consequences for wildlife and the fight against plastic pollution.

“If they are thrown into the street, when it rains, the gloves and masks end up in the sea,”

explains Anastasia Miliou, a marine biologist and director of research at the Archipelago Institute for Marine Conservation, based in Greece.

“People are walking around, they take out their wallets and a mask accidentally falls out of their pocket,” he explains, adding that even if thrown away, they are light enough to fly. And once they enter the water, they pose a threat. for marine life.

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