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From where to download high resolution pictures for free

Download free wallpapers for the desktop of your computer and forget the pixelated or stretched images

We group high resolution imaging platforms that allow you to download free wallpapers for your computer or try out the program at no cost for a limited time. The screen has a larger size than other devices and requires increasing the number of pixels. Awaken your imagination by alternating search terms to find the best images that inspire you daily and help you focus on your college tasks or your job.

Most of the wallpapers are high quality and can be used depending upon the copyright. Wallpaper websites use highest quality images which are good and effective.

How does the wallpaper influence your student or work day?

Believe it or not, the computer desktop is a fundamental ally in your studies or work because it is a site to which you recur frequently and needs to be tidy, just like the table on which you develop your activities . The organization of the physical and virtual space helps to clarify the thoughts , being reflected in your actions and increasing the productivity.

Try to keep your home screen clean by organizing the material into folders, moving it to “my documents”, deleting old files, uninstalling the shortcuts you do not use and leaving the minimum and indispensable. It is the computer screen you see most times in the day, functioning as a reference when you need to upload an image or document to the Internet, leaving it there for fear of losing it.

Dressing with an inspiring image is useful for injecting energy into your responsibilities or even calming stress through a landscape where you can see the sea, the countryside or a sunset. You must choose the background carefully so that it does not disturb you, because you will resort to it several times in the day. Also, it is important that you look for images capable of sustaining their essence when you place icons, files and folders on them.

1. Up to down

It is an international company that emerged in Malaga and allows downloading wallpapers for various services, including Windows, Ubuntu or Webapps. It reaches 90 million monthly users and has good image quality.

2. Wallpaper for computer

It is an interesting platform as your free wallpapers are designed directly to decorate a computer. The proportions fit the idea and the designs support the invasion of icons, files or folders.

3. Free Pik

Almost 4000 graphics to use as an image on your virtual desktop for free and sponsored by Shutterstock, the world’s leading image bank. Landscapes, textures, vectors, designs or phrases are some of the options that you will find in it.

4.  Crafts Wallpapers

Categories of your images include 3D, abstract, animals, anime, fantasy, movies, nature, sports, music, holidays or technology, among others.

5. Best Wallpaper

Over 25,500 free wallpapers with excellent resolution and in a variety of subject areas like animals, cars, celebrities, games, movies, travel or landscapes.

6. Pinterest

The most prestigious catalog of Internet images that works in social network format, offers a variety of attractive pins to modernize your screen.

7. We heart it

Another social network dedicated exclusively to images of all types, with tags linked to original wallpapers. His collection of images is wide, fresh, very colorful and usually has good resolution.

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