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7 tricks you should use to make your mobile go faster

Is your mobile not as fast as it was at the beginning? Do not worry, we have the necessary tricks for you to solve it

Over time and wear caused by constant use, some mobiles tend to become slower, and no longer work as fast as before.  What time ago was done in second now takes a little longer, and the patience of the user begins to disappear. If this happens, do not lose your temper, we have the necessary tricks to make your mobile faster .

It is completely normal, and indeed it is even expected that something like this will happen. Maybe your first impulse is to change the mobile, get a new one and get back to work at maximum speed, and although this may be a good idea we must tell you that you must try other actions first. That’s why we told you the 7 tricks you should try to get your cell phone up a good time and stop bothering you:

Trick 1:

Remove applications you do not want. These not only occupy memory and capacity, but also make your phone slower, because in the end this has a greater load of applications to start. In the case of apps that do not use only you will achieve that it consumes energy in vain, when you could use it for other purposes and thus make the mobile faster, so the first trick we recommend is to eliminate them.

Trick 2:

Clear the cache. Whether manually or with a specialized app, make sure you remove all temporary files on your mobile phone to make it faster.

Trick 3:

Take care of your RAM. To do this you have to close all the applications that you are not using at the moment, one at a time or slide your finger on the screen until you see the option to close them all, do it however you like but close them at once.

Trick 4:

Cancels automatic downloads of everything they send you, or application updates. This will only cause your team to overwork without being able to control it. Instead, it is preferable for you to tell yourself at what point you should or should not download or update.

Trick 5:

Delete old files, images and audios you’ve downloaded. They are just taking up space, which you could have free and thus get a faster mobile. Leave only what matters and sweep with the rest. If you can, it would even be useful to indicate weekly or biweekly cleaning periods to make sure you keep your memory free of useless files.

Trick 6:

Clean the home screen, look for unnecessary icons that only make your performance worse. The ideal is that you only have what is really indispensable and that you use more often.

Trick 7:

Turn off or remove automatic synchronization between accounts. Unless your job demands that you find yourself 100% available 24 hours a day, it is unnecessary and a completely pointless risk to your mobile. Disable it, if they really need you they will not hesitate to call you, send you a Whatsapp or whatever if they see that you do not respond to the mail.

Learn How to Make your Iphone Faster


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