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How to Find Polished Concrete Contractors Near Me

Finding Concrete Polishing Contractors

The price of polished concrete is something that should not worry us. It is obvious that they can charge us more and in fact they do, but it is not worth to not be something very special.

Now, what are the characteristics of the polished concrete Like all polished floors the finish is first class, and among its characteristics, we can enumerate near me:


Every floor that has been polished presents a smooth surface, without roughness suitable for all uses. We can settle furniture and objects without fear of being “lame” their surface is not abrasive, and therefore we can drag things without them suffering. It is the basic and ideal ending if we do not want to spend money on printed concrete. We can give a finish with resins and dyes to our measure.


It is undefined, does not wear of any kind. If you look at the mechanical workshops are the floors that have installed (sometimes with anti-slip epoxy resin). High resistance to shock and mechanical traction. Recall that these polished floors are not microcemento with a thin layer, but they are concrete in itself.

Zero maintenance:

The great workhorse. It simply needs to be cleaned for hygiene like any pavement. It is not easy to decompose, and of course, you will not break with punches as you can with other finishes. However, if we decide to apply a resin (as in a polished concrete worktop), we will take into account the quality of the materials. We already know that the cheap ends up being expensive, and it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on these products if we know the professional brands.

In workshops and hangars, the polished floor is the essential.

It is normal that in the price of polished pavements no more than the polishing treatment itself. The finish is budgeted partly so it depends on our budget we can do some things or others. Also, of course, there are services such as drains, which in this case are somewhat special, since the falls are not as pronounced (we refer to the slope of the ground polished concerning the drainage points). Being a type of compact pavement, it does not have cracks or holes in which the dirt and the water can stagnate, of which they are floors cleaner than those of ceramics or tiles.

In polished concrete, the colors are infinite as it could be otherwise, but we will make sure that it is a standard color because if we expand the work, we will have the complete assurance that we have the same color tone.

Polishing of concrete

In the process of the polishing of concrete influence factors as diverse as the temperatures (in work usually done at night) and the time of execution. Once the grout is poured, we will have at most one hour to finish the work. Otherwise, we will not have a satisfactory surface. Knowing the materials and performing the work is key, and therefore it is imperative to know what we do or hire experienced professionals.

The polishing of concrete is carried out with machinery that is usually called “helicopter” because of the similarity of this to a normal helicopter, and there are manual or wheeled. In the spaces reduced as offices are used the manuals that by the way, provides a much better finish at the expense of being slower.

Indoor polished concrete

Indoor polished concrete is normal in high-luxury areas
In this case, as it is the area that suffers the most (to call it somehow) unlike in the polished exterior concrete, it is usually reinforced throughout its surface. The reinforcement is often fiber, either carbon (more expensive but durable) or glass (cheaper) in addition to adding compounds that will give extra hardness to the pavement. In offices, for example, it is normal that the application has a glossy finish to give a touch of elegance and seriousness to the area in addition to aiding its cleaning. The leveling in this type of situation is paramount, and it is carried out with laser levelers since we will not have any fall because there are no drains (I have not yet seen any offices with any).

Normally it takes several passes, and with a constant and controlled pressure, since if the helicopter blades will not mark the ground, we will have serious problems.

Polish concrete yourself

If we dare to try it better be on a small surface and moisten the area to treat eye, do not make puddles! And when the additives are sprinkled we will begin to weed the pavement from inside to outside in senses against the clockwise. We will not be in a hurry, and the pressure will be constant. We will try that before the polishing of the pavement, the tool starts, and we have fuel since if we start, we can not stop.

Fractionated concrete

The depletion of the concrete differs from the polished concrete which is a pavement with fewer helicopter passes. Let’s say it’s the intermediate between bare concrete and polishing. Usually used in areas where there is not much step, since it is more abrasive, also as a general rule is not so well leveled.

Price of polished concrete

We have already advanced the prices before, but it is not enough to make some final considerations.
Prices do not include special materials such as resins if the customer does not expressly request it.

All polished floors usually include the price of the treatment as often as necessary to have a good finish.
If the pavement is interior, the reinforcement with fiber is always included in the budget unless otherwise indicated.

With what to pay more than 25-30 € is out of the market and only worth it in the case that we need something more special like operating theories or zones for vehicles of tonnage or with metallic tracks.

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