Concrete Polishing

Many floors have floors where smoothed cement or concrete is the protagonist. The parquet or floating floor is more delicate materials and need both specialized products to clean them as a special care so that the concrete becomes a very good choice for all those who are looking for a material resistant and not need constant care. While it is true, it is good to polish it every so that it always has a perfect aesthetic. That’s why in this article on how to polish a concrete floor.

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Steps to follow:

1.To get a clear idea about how to polish a concrete floor, we can compare it with sanding a wooden cabinet, must remove the imperfections that have arisen with the use and the passage of time.

2. The first thing is to get us the right equipment, we will find it in any DIY store. We can go to the one we consider to be of the best quality and there they will give us the right machines, besides giving us some advice on their use and even on how to polish a concrete floor properly.

3. Once we have the right tools, we must know that there are two methods for polishing smoothed cement floors: dry or wet.

4. With the wet concrete floor, the water fulfills the function of cooling the small pieces of diamonds and gets rid of the dust. Water acts as a lubricant, besides being a method that benefits the tools, reducing the heat of the high temperatures that they have to endure during their use. The main drawback of wetting the smoothed cement floor is the dirt that is generated.

5. Now let’s see the difference in how to polish a dry concrete floor. In this case, the machine itself contains the dust, allowing the soil to not get so dirty after polishing it. But as we said before, the tools suffer more wear and tear.

6. In many cases, people who polish the smoothed cement floor first do it dry and then wet, thus perfecting the final result.

7. The machines that we will use will have different thicknesses of discs, being the ones of greater thickness that we will use in the first polish since they are in charge to remove minor stains and to prepare the floor for the polishing of the concrete, concrete floor.

8. Once we have passed the machinery with the thick discs, we will proceed to change it for another one of thinner disks until reaching the desired brightness in the concrete floor. At that time we will know that the polish is finished.

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