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These are the best applications of 2017 according to Apple

Discover which are the best applications of 2017 that were rewarded in the event Apple Design Awards by its design, utility and interface

Apple Design Awards  is an event organized by the company itself that rewards developers of the most outstanding applications or games that are created during the year. Consider the design, utility and user experience primarily linked with the clean but modern interface. The result is a list of the best applications of 2017 according to Apple , of which we chose the first 6.

1. Blackbox

It is an iPhone game consisting of a tactile puzzle to motivate creative thinking . Defined as witty and intelligent, it relies on minimalist clues and visually elegant moves to solve the puzzle by rotating the pieces, pulsing and even breaking them.

2. Splitter Critters

It traverses an alternative world arming puzzles with a design that surpasses the visual and arrives to the sound, prevailing again the minimalistic esthetic that imposes itself in the virtual plane like symbol of elegance, accessibility and clarity. The particularity of this game is that it involves laser beams, reflective surfaces, liquids, movements and immersive sound landscapes.

3. Mushroom 11

It combines physical and strategic problems to explore post-apocalyptic extraterrestrial landscapes creating a unique gaming experience. The levels are hand painted and users control an alternative life that expands in a new surreal world, dividing it when needed or transforming it in any way necessary to advance in this strange environment. Features a left-handed mode to ensure equal fun.

4. Old Man’s Journey

Encompasses a puzzle adventure that deals with life, hope and lossallowing to share the game through photos of the game. Once again, it is necessary to create landscapes painted by hand with digital ink, giving priority to the craftsmanship that brings uniqueness to the product. It highlights its refined game mechanics and interactivity based on simplicity.

5. Severed

You will personify the warrior Sasha who has only one arm and is looking for her family . It is an adventure game that develops events from the narrative, inspired by psychedelia to work macabre themes but in bright colors that capture the attention of the eye at all times. The gameplay is intuitive and features several optimizations for iOS.

6. Lake

An application for coloring with a magnificent design for all ages, offering illustrations by artists that facilitate the composition of your own work. It presents tools to boost creativity in addition to customized color palettes for a pleasant experience. Take advantage of iOS features like dynamism, 3D touch or fast actions.

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